Friday, 15 November 2019

Toxic, conflictive, explosive individuals. Manipulators, Estranged families

We live in an era filled with problematic and difficult people who are aggressive and belligerent with everyone; they protest about everything, whilst discrediting and disparaging others. These egocentric narcissists feel self-important and try to stand out and criticise others, thereby harming their relationships with their families and society at large. How can this common situation be resolved?

Until we are able to identify the modus operandi of these emotionally explosive people, we cannot live in harmony and with emotional stability. These are toxic individuals who use resentment, rage and constant anger as a form of communication and day-to-day conduct.

For this reason, we should learn to foster proper relationships and avoid problems as best we can, because we are immersed in a world of cynicism and hypocrisy where treacherous conduct and simulation surface. Similarly, many manipulative and persuasive people who use flattery and promises to move the masses; the same can be said of businesses and educators who use their lectures and resources to persuade audiences. Dependency has intensified within this context and paedophilia is growing as well, supported by perverts who are members of the religious clergy or even corrupt politicians…

What role does family play in all of this? Is it still a pillar of society in the present day? What is taking place inside dysfunctional families characterised by emotional manipulation and ever-growing violence and headed by authoritarian or permissive parents? What about the increase in divorce and the fact that many young couples are deciding not to get married? What about the millennials who do not want any commitments at all…? What is happening inside interpersonal relationships characterised by unchecked emotional conduct and toxic people who display negative emotion and engage in criticism and neurotic behaviours, as manipulation reaches unprecedented levels?

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