Saturday, 21 December 2019

Neurology of malice, Reptile brain, Gender violence, Male chauvinism, Feminism

Aggressive behaviour and violence cause lasting mental injuries and traumas for many people, with costly human and economic consequences. What is the origin of this violence that is increasing every day?
Scientific studies say that genetic factors play a fundamental role since they are involved in the production of certain neurotransmitters and can cause a greater propensity to aggressiveness, alcoholism and violent killings, however biology does not determine our destiny since the brain is plastic and malleable according to internal and external factors, substances, etc.
There is also the participation of certain brain structures, the influence of certain hormones, education ...
Violent behaviour can also result from a distorted, irrational and pathological mind that sees things different from normal people, such as dissociative identity or multiple personality disorder.
But what are the main causes that influence this incessant and ever growing social violence? Do horror movies and computer games contribute? Could it be that there is also a neuronal biological base that drives it? We know that there is the reptilian brain and that at its most basic and instinctive level it functions through power, force, and dominance as well as being intrinsically territorial. But how does it influence our behaviour, or that of politicians, those who direct the world of film, fashion, or paedophiles in the clergy or in the monarch... is it related to the increase in abuse that people are bringing to light?
What about the terrible gender violence, social, psychological, sexual, etc., with alarming data all over the world and its dire consequences? And male chauvinism and feminism that looks to divide and cause confrontation... what are they based on, is it all part of well-organised manipulation?

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