Thursday, 17 December 2020

102: Fear, Syndromes, Christmas cancelled, Vaccines, Emotional Intelligence. Biden, 3rd Wave

Whilst we are experiencing the second lockdown for a virus that is in no way lethal, countless people find themselves psychologically affected and millions are facing serious financial difficulties. Fear and uncertainty are growing and freedoms are being suppressed, as fake news is generated in ways that are always persuasive, manipulative and insistent.

This deceit is creating a new morality whereby we act like servile and obedient slaves. Inflated figures regarding the number of Covid deaths is one factor involved. The dangers of using masks for long periods of time are being covered up, as is the harm they cause to children. Indeed, they are an attempt against public health and an assault on the dignity of citizens.

And what can be said about the pandemic of fear and the upsurge in anxiety, depression, hypochondria, distress and any number of syndromes and neurological disorders that are escalating as a result of the endless health crisis, fuelled by the media and TV? Staying in lockdown and confinement for as long as possible is making people scared, angry and anxious, as they watch the economy plummet and many are willing to be vaccinated but they are unaware of what lies beneath… The aim of the elite psychopaths, paedophiles and Satanists who govern the world is to create increasing chaos, pain and suffering everywhere. For this reason, the capacity for discernment and insight, combined with emotional intelligence, form the basis for standing united and with determination, because people have gotten weary of being locked down for so long and they are tired of job losses and instability. Yet heedless governments ignore the populace’s fatigue and what they really need is support since our future is at stake. Indeed, their agenda is to vaccinate the entire world, so that we will become robotic zombies devoid of feelings and reason and stripped of our soul-consciousness. And what can be said about the current President-elect Joe Biden with his paedophilic and Satanist inclinations? What is the agenda of the newly elected president of the most powerful country in the world?

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