Monday, 20 December 2021


 We are waging a psychological and spiritual war, in which a huge number of people have been hypnotised by fear, threats and bribery, so that they would accept a murderous spike-protein vaccine which is causing terrible injuries. And now, as part of this ever-intensifying holocaust, they even want to give it to children. In other words, World War Three is at the height of its rollout, where our soul and our mental, and spiritual integrity is at stake. As far as Christmas is concerned, everyone waits for this time of year with high hopes. However, supposed precautionary measures are now being put into place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and its new variants. Indeed, they have started cancelling Christmas in any number of countries, closing down Christmas markets, and cancelling the arrival of Santa Claus and other celebrations, processions and concerts. They have also cancelled midnight mass on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties, including family gatherings.

And what can be said about families and children, who wait with great interest, for containers coming from China to be dispatched, so that they can buy their presents and celebrate a happy Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Why do they want to quash the most tradition-filled holiday of the year, which includes the arrival of Santa Claus, with all of his presents, which has done so much good to children, and families over the years?

Saturday, 4 December 2021


 We are experiencing a psychological, genetic and spiritual war linked to control, power and depopulation that the elite, from the shadows is waging against humanity. To achieve their aims, they are using a DNA-altering vaccine, because they know just how precious our DNA is and that it offers us profound knowledge and enables us to connect with the Universe itself. Evidence suggests that they severed the 12 DNA strands we originally possessed, leaving us with only two. For this reason, they now fear the awakening of millions of people who are becoming aware of everything they have done to us.

This is why they have deliberately tried to hide the issue, and anything linked to the stars and extra-terrestrial origins are not disclosed to the public, and the same can be said of free zero-point energy. In reality, Free Infinite Energy forms part of empty space. It is inexhaustible energy that would generate huge benefits for us, however they want to replace it with harmful 5G. Free zero-point energy was discovered by the great genius Nikola Tesla, and a number of scientists who developed his work later, would be assassinated.

Many different ancient cultures, like Egypt and India, were familiar with this energy and used it. In fact, they still host artefacts and vestiges demonstrating that they had access to superior technology, with which they built monumental structures, temples and pyramids. It was also used to travel throughout various universes, through unified, quantum and fractal fields, which vibrate with the music of the spheres. This is where chrononauts or Star Travellers journey when travelling through hyperspace using Stargates.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021


 From its very beginnings and throughout its history, the United States has always been a nation of courageous fighters, who ventured into the unknown in search of freedom in the land of opportunity. Starting with its Founding Fathers and first presidents, the nation was founded upon several principles set out in the Constitution they created for the people. In fact, its fundamental precepts are detailed in the Bill of Rights.

The spirit of freedom and the pursuit of happiness have always been fundamental pillars of this nation’s culture. At the same time, it has always been open to other cultures, and served as an example of advancement. Whilst representing the quest for the American dream, it has established itself as one of the foremost world powers.

The people are being stripped of these rights, today, as we face medical tyranny linked to transgenic vaccines, and a fake pandemic, triggered by a Chinese virus. What consequences are emerging from this situation? What is the connection between the virus and China? How is it linked to China’s plans for global control, which includes taking over the United States? Is China achieving its aims?

Now is the time for big decisions. Indeed, Americans need to reach an understanding about what is taking place and reclaim their own history. It is not a history of hatred, racism and oppression. It is not a history of failure. Rather, it is rooted in values and principles, like freedom, equal opportunity, and the right to life and happiness – and these are all things worth fighting for.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


 The 46th President of the United States is currently in office, as one of the least popular presidents of all time amongst Americans. His dark past is fraught with accusations of paedophilia, abuse and inappropriate conduct towards children and young people. His notoriety includes scandals in which his children are protagonists, as well as being centred upon accusations against him for corruption or irregular activities. He has been accused of plagiarism, racism and incompetence during public events. Furthermore, his memory lapses and blunders prompt rumours about his mental health and trigger doubts about his ability to govern the world’s leading power.

Furthermore, his advocacy in favour of transgenderism, the LGBTQ agenda, and abortion, in addition to his ties to Communist China have brought approval ratings on his policies and how he manages the presidency to all-time low. The same is true of his mandate for compulsory vaccination, involving a harmful gene-therapy vaccine, which he wants to impose upon any number of sectors. In fact, many of these sectors are coming together to reject his policies. These include the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as security guards, police officers, attorneys and bishops who have realised that he is merely a straw man – a puppet put in office by the NWO’s elite, with the aim of continuing their agenda against the people, in order to destroy the few American values left. In short, he is striving to create a State founded upon surveillance and slavery, as we continue to see.

Monday, 15 November 2021


 Do not conform to locking down children and punishing them through countless unfounded fears that ultimately create hard-to-treat social phobias. Do not comply with forcing them to wear masks, when playing on slides and swing-sets, or while playing football. The agenda being rolled out is becoming progressively perverse, as children are indoctrinated into the LGBTQ agenda. Indeed, they are being brainwashed about gender identity, which the powers-that-be want to pass off as normal.

Worse still, this issue is being disguised as education and is now explicitly featured in Disney films and other forms of entertainment, or included as part of educational curriculum, with the excuse of promoting equality. In reality, we are dealing with a social engineering operation directed towards the young and vulnerable. The worst thing about this satanic agenda is that it is a smokescreen for paedophilia and child abuse. All the while, the governing elite’s dystopian agenda advances, with its absurd measures disguised as legality.

Moreover, what can be said about the genocidal vaccine, which they intend to use to cause sickness and death amongst children, as the health-based tyranny strives to impose the jab on younger and younger children, despite knowing that it is of no benefit to them and that children don’t even catch or suffer from this disease? On a related note, what can be said about the quarantine camps being set up across nations, to detain and isolate children suspected of having the coronavirus infection? What is their purpose? How many more children and adolescents have to die before the courts decide to stop the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine to minors?

Tuesday, 9 November 2021


 On November 28, the Swiss people will have the opportunity of referendum to see whether the Covid law is revoked along with their covid certificate. This could lay the foundations for freedom throughout the world, that is why we call on all the Swiss supporters of Alcyon Pleiades to campaign throughout the country, since they have very little time to ensure that the result of this referendum is in favour of the people.

If the Swiss people defeat tyranny, it would become the example for all of Europe and the entire planet, showing that true power resides in the free and sovereign people and not in the dictates of the elites that only seek to tyrannise us, with thousands of excuses, together with the mainstream media that unconditionally serves them.

The Swiss people may hold the keys that open the doors of humanity's destiny to freedom and the triumph of light.

Saturday, 6 November 2021


 Klaus Schwab is an affluent German engineer of Nazi origins. A descendant of the notorious Rothschild family, he is the founder of the World Economic Forum, which is advertised as an organisation that promotes public-private cooperation. Yet, what it really seeks is to roll out the global Great Reset, based on technological dictatorship and control. It advocates eugenics, transhumanism and nanotechnology’s integration with the human body, so that human beings can be remote-controlled by the State.

Klaus Schwab’s so-called ‘Great Reset’, comprises hydropower, plasma turbines, nuclear power, materials science, nuclear weapons, oil, and gas, coal, biofuel, paper, food, robotics, artificial intelligence, finance, patents, pharmaceuticals and more.

The World Economic Forum is completely fraudulent, and an enemy of humanity. It meets in Davos, Switzerland, at the beginning of February, each year, to draw up dystopian plans that reflect the agenda of psychopaths who are now using Covid as an excuse to accelerate their quest to control the world and destroy humanity.

Monday, 1 November 2021


 As a consequence of the closures and lockdowns derived from the fake pandemic, we have recently been seeing an upsurge in mental health problems in minors, which has caused a ‘wave’ of psychological disorders. Indeed, childhood psychiatric emergencies and eating disorders have doubled in number, and the same is true of cases involving anxiety, depression, self-inflicted injury and suicide among adolescents and children. Violence against minors, mistreatment and abuse are also on the rise, and the amount of screen time allotted to children and young people has skyrocketed.

Numerous studies and scientific papers are exposing this alarming situation, as figures continue to rise. This is a source of serious concern, because it engenders the possibility of prolonged side effects, expressed over the course of many years. These factors lead to the medicalization of children which is even worse, when combined with an experimental gene therapy. Why are they underestimating figures surrounding the vaccine’s serious side effects in young people, when they include irreversible damage and death? This not all, however. Children and teens are being subjected to mask mandates that harm their health and undermine relationships, which are extremely important to our evolutionary, emotional and physical development.

And what can be said of the indoctrination, psychological pressure and brainwashing of youth, who have not yet developed critical thinking and discernment skills? What is the aim? What ideas are schools inculcating into pupils, through an education system that has been hijacked for years, so that it can be used to carry out the elite’s agenda?

Thursday, 28 October 2021


 Before the fake pandemic and closures began to shake the entire world, Latin America was immersed in a wave of protests, triggered by growing unrest amongst the populace, which was mainly due to poor government policies, electoral fraud, covert coup d’états, rising taxes and so-called economic reforms. These protests were also prompted by mistrust and discontent towards numerous governmental policies, alarming corruption amongst politicians, inequality, unemployment, and the uncertainty of precarious labour, in addition to a massive stream of immigrants, and refugees…

Yet, what happened with the outbreak of the pandemic and the rollout of the tyrannical measures being imposed upon us? Was it merely a good excuse to silence all dissident voices, thanks to mandated closures and social distancing, and through the fear inculcated in misinformed citizens, who have been abandoned to their own devices?

We have to remember our countries’ past, and their dictatorships, orchestrated from the shadows with the aim of destroying the people’s freedom. By doing so, we can prevent these things from happening again, because politicians are not going to give up on their agenda to annihilate humanity. In fact, they are currently using toxic vaccines and a nonlethal virus that is very similar to the flu, to impose their unconventional dictatorships upon us. Now, their aim is to achieve domination and control, not just of our bodies, but of our souls as well, whilst they distract us with their elections and political conflicts that, in reality, form part of the very same game, to the detriment of the oppressed people. For this reason, we must protest, peacefully and in masse, taking a stand against the medical tyranny of the satanic elite’s sold-out governments, because the conspiracy against humanity continues.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021


 We have to realise that we are dealing with a deep state that governs the world, on a material and economic level, which subjugates humanity, like slaves under its service. We also have a deep church that has betrayed its duties and disavowed the commitments it made before God. Both of these powers of the anti-light, like good, and faithful servants of the Satanist elite who rule the world, are promoting vaccination to all devout believers, who unconditionally follow them.

Therefore, Pope, Francis I has taken a stance in favour of dangerous vaccines and is requiring the use of a ‘Green Pass’ or health passport. He is insisting everyone receive the jabs, promoting them as something morally legitimate, despite their being produced with cell lines derived from aborted foetuses. Additionally, he is calling it ‘an act of love’.

But who is Pope Bergoglio and what role is he playing as the Church’s highest representative inside the Holy See? Is it possible that all bishops, cardinals and prelates agree with his ideas and support him? Alternatively, could they be discovering the duplicity the Vatican has always demonstrated, with its countless problems linked to paedophilia, abuse and financial scandal, in addition to its globalist plans to liquidate the Catholic Church, according to the diktats of the New World Order’s elite?

Saturday, 16 October 2021


 As we face the government’s mad rush to rollout booster shots, containing even greater amounts of spike protein, in order to accelerate mass death amongst the population, people have started to wake up and become aware of the Covid hoax. At the same time, some governments have announced new plans to discriminate against the unvaccinated, by segregating them from society since, if this continues, they will no longer have the right to work, eat at a café counter, travel by bus or enter a building.

This is why many physicians, healthcare workers, lawyers, journalists, firefighters, governors, politicians and labourers are breaking the silence and openly taking a stand against these anti-constitutional measures. Indeed, they are lending their support to citizens, by rallying against health passports and asking everyone to stand united in civil resistance. It is vitally necessary in moments of tranny, as we are called to fight for our freedoms in the covert war, we are all experiencing.

Let us not forget that we are being confronted with World War III, which the elite is waging against humanity in order to destroy us. They intend to strip us of our economy and income, robbing us of our lives or leaving us without food. For all these reasons, we are being called to become true militant warriors united in civil disobedience, as we stage protests and mass demonstrations, like those we are already seeing in many countries.


 There is no doubt that the so-called pandemic was a necessary pretext designed to bring the global economy to a grinding halt and to trigger its collapse, whilst undermining the very fabric of society, with the definitive closure of businesses, the breakdown of supply chains, rising unemployment and economic recession. Furthermore, the corrupt elite are planning to take advantage of the arrival of boreal winter, and they are poised to generate large-scale power failure, so that people will potentially freeze to death. Millions could die, if the blackouts coincide with an icy winter, or be killed, because of the toxic vaccine, created to exterminate the global population.

At the same time, most of China is grappling with a power shortage, amidst constant problems with supply chains that are triggering shipment delays and product shortages all over the world. This has also caused an alarming upsurge in the price of gas, fuel and even food. What is the underlying cause of this fuel crisis, which is causing blackouts to become increasingly frequent worldwide? Additionally, why are they raising the cost of electricity all over Europe? A serious energy and power crisis appears to be fast approaching, which, in turn, will create a world food crisis, driving us towards an emergency of unprecedented hunger and poverty. For this reason, we need to prepare ourselves, in addition to staging protests against everything they are doing to us, in accordance with their painstaking plans.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021


 The Italian government has recently announced that vaccines passports will soon be mandatory for all workers in the public and private sectors. This mandate comes with a threat: those who refuse to exhibit it, will have their salaries withheld. This new tyrannical measure is yet another attempt to limit the rights we have enjoyed until now, and its purpose is to create a divided, two-tiered society. Citizens, however, are mobilising in response, staging protests and rallies all over Italy.

Yet, who exactly is Mario Draghi, Italy’s current Prime Minister, the former Goldman Sachs banker who sold the country off at a bargain price, when he was Finance Minister, orchestrating a covert operation, whereby he privatised Italy’s finest state-run companies, industries and banks?

Is he set to dismantle the country now as well, by taking advantage of this manufactured health crisis involving a fake virus and toxic vaccines, in order to liquidate what is left of Italy, as he strives to annihilate its population as quickly as possible? What sinister objectives is Draghi preparing, that will fulfil the agenda of those who control governments from the shadows?

It should also be noted that Mario Draghi has a history of corruption, and many complaints and lawsuits are now being lodged against him. He is going to be held to account, since many citizens have become aware of the situation and are joining forces to pose resistance, in the fight to rescue and reclaim the wonderful country of Italy.

Saturday, 2 October 2021


 When Covid vaccination first began, many countries set up large-scale mass vaccination centres, which are now being shut down worldwide, due to the passing of time and falling demand. Furthermore, many expired vaccines have had to be destroyed or have been unashamedly gifted to other countries.

On a related note, the well-known drug Ivermectin, which forms part of the WHO’s list of essential medicines, is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, as an extremely effective anti-parasitic and anti-viral agent.

Numerous evidence-based scientific studies emerging recently show that this medication is very efficacious when it comes to preventing and treating Covid, yet it has been deliberately hidden, in order to exclusively promote the experimental gene therapy ‘vaccine’, despite the damage it is causing across the globe. In fact, many scientists are defending the use of Ivermectin, and other effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine, chlorine dioxide, among others. In some cases, this support has cost them their lives, or they have been censored and threatened.

At the same time, governments are intensifying their imposition of vaccines by coercing the population, using the so-called ‘Green Pass’ or health Passport, since the vaccine is authorised for Emergency Use only, which can only be applied if other, alternative treatments are unavailable. Therefore, legally, it should be stopped. The population is beginning to realise what is happening, and protests and rallies are continuing grow all over the world, as people stand up against medical tyranny to counter inhumanity and efforts to eliminate us.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021


 Using the fake health crisis as an excuse, governments worldwide, and France, in particular, are striking out against the populace, and rolling out a series of measures restricting the people’s freedoms. These include requiring health passports – like the infamous ‘Green Pass’ – to enter certain venues, which is, essentially, a covert vaccination mandate. Furthermore, unvaccinated individuals are getting fired from their jobs, and being subjected to other forms of discrimination, which clearly demonstrates that France’s current president is going against the nation’s most fundamental principles: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Despite these factors, the people of France are banding together, by staging demonstrations and protests throughout the country, as they call for President Macron’s resignation. Indeed, he does not defend the people and, instead, continues to pursue his totalitarian agenda. To cover up his dreadful leadership, and camouflage the growing wave of citizen uprisings, Macron – who has ties with the Rothschild Bank and the Bilderberg Group – is executing a series of political moves aimed at diverting attention away from his government.

These incidents include the submarine crisis that caused a row between France, the USA and Australia, triggering Macron’s decision to recall French ambassadors, and they also involve the terrorist-driven war in Afghanistan, and his trip to Polynesia, which wreaked further havoc on the country. In short, recent news reports are beginning to reveal what lies behind the scenes. Despite these distractions, the people are fed up with his politics, and what they really want is his resignation.

Sunday, 19 September 2021


 With the aim of triggering fear and famine on a global scale, the Satanist technocratic elite are instigating an interruption of supply chains worldwide. A shortage of containers from China, the closure of commercial ports, a scarcity of raw materials and labour shortages are among the underlying causes. All of these excuses are rooted in lockdowns mandated in response to the plandemic, with the aim of reducing the availability of food and supplies throughout the world, which is affecting various sectors of the global economy, including the automotive industry and supermarkets. Apparently, things are going to get even worse, unless citizens stage worldwide uprisings and take a stand against the harm being perpetrated against humanity. Is it possible they are striving to destroy industry, in order to reinstate an era of poverty and mass shortages? Could this be why they want us to eat lab-produced synthetic meat and foods made with petrol or insects? Furthermore, what can be said about the crisis affecting the tourism and hospitality industries, which is particularly hard-hit, as guests are not arriving, and staffers are being forced to ask customers whether they have a health passport, despite it not actually certifying that the holder is healthy? In short, the objective is to generate an upsurge in unemployment and poverty, driven by a false pandemic, which is entrapping millions in a war for mass vaccination.


 The so-called Green Pass, health passport, or Covid certificate is paving the way to mass surveillance, arbitrary control, injustice, discrimination and apartheid, in addition to triggering the loss of many rights and freedoms that have always been ours, as free human beings. It is being rolled out in a plethora of countries and being met passively by many people who do not realise what this measure actually implies.

It has nothing to do with health; rather, it forms part of an agenda that uses an experimental vaccine or gene therapy to alter our DNA, so that we will stop being human beings and become transhumans. As such, we become property of the pharmaceutical company that owns the patent, and every person is given their own QR code, just like any other marketable product that can be bought and sold.

Despite these factors, people who are more awake have realised what is happening and are creating a wave of resistance, staging protests and rallies involving thousands of people in any number of countries, such as France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, USA and others. They are protesting against the infamous Green Pass and mandatory vaccination, with the support of lawyers, jurists, physicians, scientists, writers, hotel owners, caterers, journalists, deputies and so on. Together, they are taking action, filing lawsuits in the courts and, ultimately, achieving results.

Now is the time to intensify protests against restrictions established by the Green Pass, in order to protect ourselves and preserve our humanity, whilst we eradicate discrimination and abuse, by posing resistance and engaging in mass civil disobedience, as we move forward with complete determination, until we have put an end to this madness.

Tuesday, 7 September 2021


 We are experiencing a new planet-wide war where governments and political parties solely strive to rise to power, so that they can continue the very same agenda as their alleged enemies. To achieve their aims, they use politics to deceive us, since it is a field in which manipulators, narcissists, sociopaths and compulsive liars lead us to believe that governments operate via several opposing political parties, when, in reality, all of them serve the same eugenics-based plan.

Throughout the history of politics, they have been promoters of worldwide conflicts, and war. Now, allied with Big Pharma, they are using Covid as a pretext to wage war against humanity. And what can be said of Brazil, whose people have stopped worrying about the plandemic, as they prepare for elections? They are looking favourably on a candidate who is just as corrupt as everyone else on the ballot, and, like them, he has pending charges against him And what about Spain? Why aren’t its people staging mass protests to counter restrictions and protest against vaccine injuries? This is something that has to be done, otherwise, mandatory vaccines and health passports will be imposed upon us at any time.

This suggests that sedated people are in opposition with the hundreds of thousands of more aware, more awake people in many countries, who have lost their faith in politicians, and are resolutely demonstrating, and protesting, throughout the world, as they speak out against the fake pandemic of pain and death.

Friday, 3 September 2021


 We are all involuntary participants in a Third World War that is currently underway. The elite are fighting against humanity, targeting the populace as the enemy. The macabre idea of creating a Great War that would directly affect and exterminate the vast majority of humankind has been one of the satanic elite’s principal aims for many years, as seen during the First and Second World Wars. Both were triggered by false flags, like the sinking of the Luistania – just like the Titanic – the badly named ‘Spanish flu’, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and many more. And what can be said about the ‘inside-job’ terror attack on 9/11, whose 20th anniversary is this year? What about its consequences, like the loss of liberties, under the pretext of the fight against terror? A considerable amount of evidence suggests that the attack was a move orchestrated by the nation’s own government, with the participation of the CIA and the Mossad.

Right now, with the excuse of the false pandemic crisis, we find ourselves in a similar situation, where our freedoms and constitutional rights are being threatened worldwide, in order to impose a toxic gene-therapy vaccine, using bribery. Furthermore, its parameters have now been extended to include children. Draconian restrictions are being rolled out in many countries and they involve health passports, medical tyranny, searches and arrests without a court order, assaults, surveillance and the control of information and citizens, in addition to division and discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…

Despite all these factors, the police and other forces are rebelling against mandatory vaccination and taking the side of citizens, who are staging demonstrations without respite… We are in a Third World War; the elite are waging this biological and genetic war against the population, in accordance with a eugenics plan, in order to seize the human soul.

Saturday, 21 August 2021


 Although we may think that automaton beings, robots and Artificial Intelligence form part of a modern-day issue, it is surprising to note that they existed in antiquity. Indeed, the myths and lore of ancient Greece, China and India bear witness to this fact. This broad spectrum of artificial life forms represented a fusion between the animate and inanimate, and they were endowed with the ability to make decisions, until eventually achieving AI. The myths also attest to the existence of human-animal hybrids, like centaurs, the minotaur and combinations of different species, as in the case of the Chimeras.

Today, we are once more immersed in an AI-driven robotic culture, which uses new technologies for facial recognition, biometric data and people tracing. Our personal data is mined without our realising it, and then utilised for surveillance and control of the population, using the false pandemic as an excuse. The aim is to achieve increasingly dangerous levels of automation, involving new, obedient cyborg robots, unless we seek a solution to counter the new technological way of life they wish to impose upon us.

Is it possible that AI machines will take over the world and that we will soon be replaced by robotic automaton machines? Alternatively, will they be used to control all those who do not follow the directives of this new global indoctrination and mandatory vaccination, by means of insect drones, which are actually already being used?

And what can be said about Neuralink, a company that is striving to implant Artificial Intelligence inside human brains? Could the aim be to create enhanced super soldiers or human-animal hybrid cyborgs that are devoid of emotion and poised for combat, like the ones that already exist, or could genetic modification of people be the goal? This is no longer science fiction…

We have to stay alert because the dominating elite’s objective is to create an ideal society, according to their views, whereby productive labour will be carried out by a slave race designed to comply with, obey and serve the elite’s needs, according to directives received via a hive mind. This forms part of their transhumanist agenda already underway through nanochips contained in the dangerous mRNA gene therapies disguised as vaccines, which are designed to turn us into soulless beings, devoid of ethical principles and human values.

Friday, 6 August 2021


 The plandemic crisis that has been prepared, with the aim of destroying humanity, has triggered the approach of a global economic collapse, which will give rise to famine and an upsurge in violence, as we are already seeing, by creating a scenario similar to that of the Great Depression. At the same time, they are preparing a cyber-pandemic that will potentially cause a global digital blackout, complete with internet shutdown, whose purpose is to rollout the Great Reset, which, in turn, could bring us back to the Middle Ages.

Furthermore, governments continue to engage in medical tyranny, posing opposition towards many proven and effective treatments, in order to coerce the public into receiving their vaccines, which are known to contain toxic graphene nano particles that negatively affect our health. The vaccines have also been proven ineffective, as they do not provide protection against Covid. Concurrently, governments continue to build a police state and to mandate closures and lockdowns. Together with judges, who are complicit in the cover-up, they continually strike out against the defenceless population.

Are the financial crisis and the indebtedness that are fast approaching somehow linked to the new wielders of global power, the masters of money and the world’s richest men – who control more than 75% of the world’s wealth and were responsible for creating the private banks that gave rise to the Federal Reserve in the USA? The Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Bush families, among others, pull the strings of the global economy and worldwide domination. And why is it that so many US presidents who challenged the elite and defied their power were vilely assassinated without the public ever achieving clarity about who really committed these magnicides?

President Kennedy stands out among them, but others include Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, Warren Gamaliel Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and more. Who is behind these silenced deaths?

Wednesday, 28 July 2021


 Whilst the Covid farce continues, the tyranny ruling over us is taking advantage of people’s fear and lack of awareness about the fake pandemic. Indeed, they are pressing forward with their mass manipulation, imposing new rules that further limit our freedoms. Moreover, with their harmful vaccines, they are striving to impose travel restrictions, social distancing and vaccination at all costs, in order to reduce the global population.

They are now trying to put us under even more pressure, using the human-caused global warming hoax, which forms part of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset proposed by the forces driving the global economy. Nonetheless, in contrast with the claims of global warming theorists who follow the mainstream narrative, Winter 2020 saw temperatures drop below zero in many places. And what can be said of the fatalist predictions made by former Vice President Al Gore and the fake seer Prince Charles of England, or the so-called environmentalist Greta Thunberg, a young person who has been utilised as part of the cover-up, to promote climate change and blame adults for it. And what about the mega-billionaire David Mayer de Rothschild, whose predictions have not come true either? Despite it all, they continue their attempts to convince us to believe the global warming lie.

According to advocates of the Zero-carbon agenda, what they are really striving to achieve is the de-industrialisation of more advanced economies. This strategy has been calculated over decades, to trigger the collapse of civilisations, and they are using various strategies to achieve their aims, including trying to block the Sun and the privatisation of water, as well as the use of HAARP or geoengineering, which causes even greater imbalance and harm to humanity. In other words, they are trying to make us retrogress to medieval times, as the population plummets, due to unprecedented famine and slavery.

Sunday, 11 July 2021


 The Covid farce pandemic and consequent vaccination is not only generating physical problems of all kinds, it is also triggering deaths and an upsurge in mental illnesses and aggressive behaviours, particularly on airlines. The idea of reaching a holiday destination via air travel has become a rather dark issue, due to a growing number of vaccinated individuals who are manifesting aggressive, rebellious and violent behaviour, triggering the cancellation of flights. The same is true of cruises, as infections continue to grow, despite requirements, tests and vaccines.

The vaccine industry is now resorting to bioterrorism as its business model, as it pursues extinction. Indeed, it is now requiring humans to be repeatedly injected with spike protein particles that spread sickness and death, for which Covid will be blamed. Is it possible that spike protein particles are being sprayed via drones and chemtrails, in order to perpetrate the plandemic, as was the case in New York City?

Why is an exodus taking place in many cities throughout the world, as people seek places to live with less restrictive measures or better living conditions? We are undoubtedly experiencing terrible deceit and manipulation at the hands of the elite who govern us, including presidents, politicians, royalty and major leaders who are striving to maintain the fake pandemic scam. In order for vaccination to continue, they do not hesitate to appear before the media in order to set an example, although their gesture is merely staged. It is propaganda related to a fake vaccine jab that they want the gullible population to receive.

Saturday, 26 June 2021


 To understand how today’s world works, it is useful to imagine a chessboard. In terms of the alleged pandemic’s management, we can see that we are but humble pawns of the governing empire. Nonetheless, we are called to wake up and checkmate the globalists who are causing extreme harm. Although the odds are against us, if we unite like one big family, we have huge potential to emerge victorious, just like little David who kills the giant Goliath.

Indeed, our only option is to fight for our awakening for, if we do not, our thoughts and actions will dissipate over the next few years, until Agenda 2030 is complete. In order to gain more power, they are resorting to a high-tech Big Brother, disguised as a digital observer that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control the entire world.

This is why a growing number of people who are aware of what is happening with this relentless vaccination campaign, refuse to participate in this experiment. This includes any number of famous athletes who are voicing their refusal to take these highly damaging vaccines. The same is true of artists, musicians, singers, presenters, producers and actors who openly speak out against vaccines. Many have even been affected by them, whilst others have died after being vaccinated, despite the media not reporting on it.

Thus, with each passing day, more and more people are joining forces to sue governments for damages incurred by the tyrannical measures they have mandated. Judges, MPs, deputies, prestigious physicians and lawyers are offering their support, suing governments for fomenting the police state, totalitarianism and genocide. They are also presenting legal action with international courts. And what can be said about recently discovered scandals involving US scientific advisor Anthony Fauci and his ties with Bill Gates and the fake pandemic? What can be said of his being implicated in the origins of Covid, and his funding Big Pharma, in order to sell vaccines? What about the lies he has told to prohibit the use of effective medical treatments, ultimately triggering the death of many defenceless people?

Tuesday, 15 June 2021


 Based on what we are seeing today, in every country, the vaccination curve is followed by a death curve and new variants are emerging, as a result of vaccination itself. Furthermore, recent studies have revealed that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 become super-spreaders because they shed the spike protein, which potentially infects the un-vaccinated. This is not all, however. We now know that the vaccine’s spike protein is not innocuous, as we have been told. Rather, it can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues, throughout the entire body, in addition to causing cardiovascular and cognitive problems. And how can we explain the series of strange events linked to the Covid vaccine – like the fact that magnets stick to the jab site or that vaccinated individuals become Bluetooth receptors? Is it possible the Covid vaccine turns the body into a 5G antenna? And what can be said of the contents inside parasitic nanotubes found in masks that are activated through heat and moisture and the other harmful contaminants also found there?

There is evidence that this jab contains metallic particles of magnetic hydrogel or biosensors that can reach the brain and record our mental activity before passing it to a computer or releasing it on the web. This is being put into practice by a company called Profusa in Silicon Valley, funded by DARPA and the Gates Foundation. Renowned medical experts agree that we are dealing with self-replicating bioweapons. Could this transgenesis experiment involving Covid vaccines, be a way to control human beings and transform people into nodes on the Smart Grid or intelligent electric network?

Although this information is difficult to except, the truth is that all these factors form part of a global depopulation agenda. Is this why a growing number of police officers, military officials, marines and other law-and-order enforcement agencies are rebelling against the false pandemic’s measures, whilst they reject these harmful vaccines en masse?

Monday, 31 May 2021


 We are living in the post-truth era, in a society where lies are a weapon of persuasion used by the media which is brainwashing millions of people with its false information disguised as truth. Undoubtedly, the aim is to apply the psychology of fear, whilst they force the populace to continue wearing masks and to practice social distancing. Moreover, they are using the fake pandemic to pressure citizens, in an attempt to vaccinate the entire population. In the process, they are creating a new kind of ethic characterised by servile and obedient slaves who do not think. These factors are causing mental health problems to intensify as unemployment rises and we face poverty and famine like never before. Green passports are being imposed upon us as a requirement for travel and this is nothing, if not a global surveillance system that will drive us towards total slavery and genocide.

The only truth we have here is that a genocidal conspiracy is being perpetrated against humanity though experimental vaccines that will modify human DNA so that the body will create part of the virus – the spike protein – which causes vascular damage. All of this is happening under the supervision of the medical establishment and corrupt pharmaceutical companies. Even Pfizer has admitted that these vaccines contain a substance that turns those receiving the jab into super-spreaders who can infect the unvaccinated.

And what can be said about the persuasion campaigns that are underway, complete with absurd rewards, incentives, bribes and gifts that are being offered worldwide, as a way to vaccinate the doubtful? Unquestionably, this extreme interest in persuading the populace to get vaccinated is very suspicious. Could neuromarketing manipulation be behind it, although millions ignore its macabre results? They appear to want to cover up the fact that we are dealing with an injection that is hugely harmful and lethal, as the masses fall into their trap.

Thus, in order to counter these terrible evils, growing millions are demonstrating against the huge Covid farce and health-based terrorism, demanding that those responsible for this fake pandemic be tried in a special court – much like the Nazis at Nuremberg – for human rights violations and attempted global genocide.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021


 The sombre interest in depopulating humankind is nothing new, as the quest to eliminate humanity through genocide and euthanasia has been going on for centuries and continues today. This is apparent in the creation of an artificial virus that has nothing to do with the pandemic, which is actually a cover-up designed by psychopaths to achieve depopulation and destroy 94% of the global populace… whilst millions are overcome by terror-stricken panic and even willing to sacrifice our children via an experimental vaccine that alters our DNA.

Sir Francis Galton and Charles Darwin are both eugenicists, as are William and Bill Gates and even Klaus Schwab, director of the Davos Forum. The same is true of Henry Kissinger, Soros and Prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld – all of whom prescribe to Nazi ideologies. Even Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the WHO and others are among the mass murderers who commit crimes against humanity, but are recognised as professionals and so-called philanthropists.

What can be said of PRC tests that can be used as a vaccine, in addition to containing harmful theragrippers? And what about alarming vaccine passports that seek to restrict our freedoms and control everyone? Why has there been an upsurge in deaths, coinciding precisely with the start of vaccination campaigns in many countries? Similarly, what can be said about the internment camps or ‘quarantine camps’ that have already been set up and are operative throughout the world? Or about Pfizer’s unmasked document discussing the fact that vaccinated individuals can transmit spike protein to the unvaccinated, thereby modifying their DNA?

This vaccine and all the new vaccines that will soon be rolled out following mutant strains are murderous agents developed by the Covid mafia. Apparently, they are triggering many imminent deaths and this will continue, if we do not engage in uprisings worldwide, thereby manifesting our disobedience towards those who are perpetrating this scam and striving to create global genocide and depopulation.

Saturday, 1 May 2021


 It is important for us to consider that documents discussing the true origins of our race and the extra-terrestrial forces that have influenced our development were seized and stolen from us many years ago by global authorities and their secret societies. Thus, in reality, human history is fraught with deception, omissions and inaccuracies.

The powers that rule over us have sought to hide the truth of their conspiracy in order to control and eliminate the human race. Indeed, they have engendered countless invasions, terror attacks, armed conflicts and false-flag attacks to dominate and enslave us. Using their dark psychology, indoctrination and manipulation, they have always endeavoured to make people feel insecure, fearful and depressed, and this continues to this very day.

Within this context, they have devised the schemes and false-flag murders that gave rise to World Wars I and II, the Twin Tower attacks and many other crimes against humanity in order to roll out the New World Order…

And what can be said about the Blue Book, one of the best-kept US secrets involving UFO sightings and their official propaganda to discredit the issue or the mysterious Men in Black who strive to neutralise and scare eyewitnesses, silencing all UFO-related matters? These things are happening despite the huge number of honest citizens, political and religious leaders and scientists who have been contacted by extra-terrestrials, not to mention the evidence and testimonies that have been recorded throughout history… Why has everything been covered up or discredited? What is behind this issue?

Furthermore, all we are told about extra-terrestrial beings is that they are small, robotic aliens who abduct people against their will. Why are no allusions ever made to the Pleiadian beings of light and those from other evolved worlds who have the same features as human beings? Why are they never mentioned, considering they strive to help humanity, especially in this era in which the forces that created the new plandemic currently affecting us, are taking over the Earth?

Wednesday, 31 March 2021


 It is important to note that a world without culture is a dying world, as cultural, artistic and folkloric events are a meaningful source of motivation and enrichment for people. Regrettably, they are being cancelled and banned worldwide, as timeless performances cease to exist or are a relegated to the virtual sphere and affected by distancing.

If the extensive culture sector is not reinstated as soon as possible, recovery will be extremely difficult. In fact, unless an immediate solution is found, the culture and arts industries we admire and patronise via concert halls, theatres, performances, dances and festivals, will end up going bankrupt, thereby impacting hundreds of artists, professionals, musicians dancers and singers…

In the same way, entire families make their living thanks to cultural traditions, the Fine Arts and entertainment. This is true for authors, playwrights, scriptwriters, crewmembers, editors, technicians and any number of professionals involved in the many branches of culture. Thus, the situation arising from the cancellation, shutdown and postponement of events throughout the world is a deadly blow undermining the progress of nations.

We are referring to a dark, Machiavellian conspiracy aimed at eradicating culture and eliminating traditions that have existed for centuries, as libraries, temples, monuments, museums and much more are being destroyed, in order to obliterate knowledge and rewrite history as they please, because this fake pandemic and its hard-line measures are part of a destructive agenda against humanity and its traditional values. This is why we have to continue staging demonstrations, as we speak out, loud and clear, against this medical tyranny and its health-based terrorism. We have to demand that governments continue providing citizens access to culture, so that they will not fall prey to barbarism and the decline of our cultural and social values.

Saturday, 20 March 2021


 We have to understand that things are no longer hidden; everything is now out in the open, as people are becoming more aware of this conspiracy against humanity, which is linked to the false pandemic. In fact, hundreds of thousands of physicians and politicians are voicing their disapproval, as they refuse to condone the irreparable damage caused to the populace. This is why it is imperative for us to continue demonstrating and protesting against this medical tyranny and its health-based terrorism, so that we can emerge from the sinister imprisonment to which we are being subjected. These circumstances form part of a social engineering programme underpinned by eugenics and false science which is why civil disobedience has become a moral imperative. Despite this fact, the dark elite and their pharmaceutical companies continue to encourage the public to become vaccinated. They are sparing no effort to accelerate mass vaccinations and millions of people, out of fear of losing their jobs, are allowing themselves to be vaccinated, without considering the side effects involved. Such is the case for AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine which is being administered to healthcare workers, police and the military… It has caused so many side effects that many people are refusing the vaccine; in fact, it has been suspended in a number of countries. The fact that people are dying immediately after getting vaccinated is being exposed; then, there are those who die in strange and unusual circumstances after having spoken out against vaccines. And, what can be said about the other pandemic, i.e., the vast number of sicknesses that have gotten worse due to lack of care? There are even cases of death caused by one’s inability to secure a health appointment, as operations and treatments are cancelled. For all of these reasons, a growing number of lawsuits and complaints are being filed by different groups worldwide, including affected businesses, retailers, physicians and professional associations and even political parties. They are appealing to International Courts to demand accountability from governments and health ministries for the consequences incurred by the illegal measures implemented whilst managing the pandemic. Progress in being made, thanks to demonstrations being staged by these groups, in order to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens in many countries stop being violated.

Saturday, 6 March 2021


 As we face the current health crisis, we are seeing an upsurge in UFO sightings that coincide with global lockdowns. The reality is that people are fast asleep and absolutely do not realise that we are being constantly monitored from the skies, because humanity’s destiny depends entirely on how we respond to the serious situation we are experiencing. Perhaps this is why Beings of Light are making their presence known near the International Space Station, as has been the case recently.

Numerous testimonies by writers like Carl Sagan or Erich von Daniken describe UFO sightings in antiquity and the same is true of accounts found in ancient Egyptian texts such as the Tulli Papyrus and those of ancient India like the Bhagavad Gita and the Drona Parva. Accounts are also found in stories from the Nordic cultures that recount wars involving celestial beings and their flying ships. There are also countless accounts featuring strange cosmic phenomena from the time of Alexander the Great, and others from ancient Rome and the Middle Ages.

Surviving illustrations and manuscripts bear witness to UFO sightings that coincide with wars or are linked to the numerous plagues and epidemics that have ravaged humanity throughout the centuries, in Europe and the world. Such is the case of famous sightings linked to Charlemagne or the celestial battle of Nuremberg in 1561, among others. Historians in ancient China and Japan also refer to flying machines seen by numerous people, which they associated with huge catastrophes.

Is it simply by chance that the upsurge in cases of infection and death due to the virus-driven pandemic plaguing us coincides with an increase in UFO sightings throughout the world? Does this indicate the urgent need for us to awaken and face the forces of darkness that want nothing more than to exterminate us at any cost, as we are seeing with the elite’s genocidal programmes such as HAARP, with its geo-engineering, Blue Beam and many secret space programmes?

In reality, although many refuse to believe it, we are experiencing World War III on a psychological, spiritual and moral level; it is being waged between the forces of darkness and their robotic technology which are pitted against our right to be feeling, thinking people endowed with our own decisions and values, in accordance with how Divinity created us. In order to avoid enslavement, we have no other alternative than to take a stand and show greater responsibility towards this last crusade, because the decision to achieve true freedom is in our hands, especially now, that we have a lot of free time to gaze up at the sky and to pay more attention, whilst observing the stars.

Thursday, 4 February 2021


 It must be said that the dark elite and medical tyranny are continuing their endeavours with the same intensity or worse. This is not surprising, considering that they are all working towards the same agenda, which involves a conspiracy that dark, Machiavellian forces have been planning for a long time. The intent is for world leaders to reshape global relations and restructure national economies, whilst developing new business models and allegedly managing common property, so that the dystopian rules they have planned will ultimately supplant free societies.

It is about exercising control over all aspects of our lives, including what we eat and where we can work. The aim is to create an upsurge in poverty and homelessness, triggered by mass job loss, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses, and worldwide economic bankruptcy, whilst the wielders of global power continue getting richer… and this is why we must open our eyes to the truth.

This is not all, however. They are also striving to institute mass surveillance and mandate a digital health passport, in order to make vaccination mandatory, using an experimental mRNA vaccine that is causing a large number of deaths and triggering long-term negative side effects, despite claims being filed by physicians and professionals worldwide. They are also trying to abolish freedom of expression and resolutely prohibit dissidence that does not support the official measures of this medically tyranny. Indeed, their sole aim is to exterminate this race and trigger its total demise.

For this reason, we have to leave our comfort zone and abandon our indifference and passivity, as we openly rally and demonstrate our dissatisfaction with these absurd measures, before reaching the point of no return – because the medical tyranny of these puppet governments is unabatedly pursuing its plans for global genocide. General mobilisation is urgent, in order to say ‘No’ and combat the perversity the dark forces of Anti-light have unleashed onto this defenceless humanity.

Sunday, 24 January 2021


 We are dealing with a fallacy, and this scam involves health-based terrorism designed to force humanity to get vaccinated. This is nothing short of systematic extermination which has been carefully planned by the world’s most powerful elite, in order to reduce the global populace. Thus, we urgently need to wake up, because, if we persist in our lack of awareness, we will not be able to break free of the manipulation and health-based terrorism they wish to impose upon us.

This manipulation involves the use of masks which are destroying the health of children, and damaging our mental and emotional stability. It also involves mandatory lockdowns and subsequent physical isolation without just cause which is a flagrant violation of our human right to freedom. The harmful vaccine they want to jab us with is experimental and its effectiveness and safety has not been proven. In fact, the death toll is on the rise, as is the number of people affected by adverse side effects.

This is why more than 100,000 physicians, scientists, virologists, biologists, psychiatrists, immunologists, microbiologists, geneticists, epidemiologists and various other health professionals worldwide are sounding the alarm about the harmful dangers involved. Similarly, lawyers, legal committees and courts are taking a stand against the imposition and propagation of information that uses sensationalism, manipulation and fear to impose increasingly restrictive measures that violate our rights.

These measures cause serious psychological, physical, economic and social damage, and their objective is the extermination and reduction of the human population, in order to roll out Agenda 21, or the Great Reset, which will serve to impose a totalitarian state upon us, whereby the elite can introduce the New World Order.

This enables us to understand why, now more than ever, we must pose robust, unbreakable resistance. It is urgent for us to continue demonstrating non-stop, conveying that we are a free, democratic society with the right to an opinion, as we express our inconformity with the vaccine.

Saturday, 9 January 2021


 The puppet governments that have sold out to the elite are doing whatever they can to destroy this civilisation. Yet, they have to understand that they are finding it difficult because millions of people are waking up, as they confront a false medical emergency and a pandemic that does not reflect reality in any way. All they have done is create a fear-based psychosis, generating economic and psychological instability in humanity.

This unreality involves the risks inherent in the experimental vaccine being imposed upon us. It is neither safe nor effective and, in fact, it is being used as a depopulation tool. Vast numbers of physicians, geneticists expert virologists and immunologists from all over the world who have not sold out to this medical tyranny are exposing the fact that it can cause serious autoimmune disorders, organ failure, changes in our DNA and mass deaths. Additionally, it contains nano participles so that we will become the property of health-based multinationals and turn into robot automatons devoid of principles or internal values.

This is why many people are beginning to wake up and refusing to get the vaccine. As they start to denounce the ludicrous measures being imposed upon us, they are calling for the populace to engage in a civil uprising in order to avoid the genocide of humanity the elite are striving to achieve. With everyone’s help, they are not going to succeed, however, because our freedom as human beings is at stake and the battle against ignorance and deceit is of paramount importance. Thus, grounded in truth and supported by valid scientific arguments, we must protest and demonstrate until our rights are respected and we achieve the victory of Light over Darkness.

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