Saturday, 21 August 2021


 Although we may think that automaton beings, robots and Artificial Intelligence form part of a modern-day issue, it is surprising to note that they existed in antiquity. Indeed, the myths and lore of ancient Greece, China and India bear witness to this fact. This broad spectrum of artificial life forms represented a fusion between the animate and inanimate, and they were endowed with the ability to make decisions, until eventually achieving AI. The myths also attest to the existence of human-animal hybrids, like centaurs, the minotaur and combinations of different species, as in the case of the Chimeras.

Today, we are once more immersed in an AI-driven robotic culture, which uses new technologies for facial recognition, biometric data and people tracing. Our personal data is mined without our realising it, and then utilised for surveillance and control of the population, using the false pandemic as an excuse. The aim is to achieve increasingly dangerous levels of automation, involving new, obedient cyborg robots, unless we seek a solution to counter the new technological way of life they wish to impose upon us.

Is it possible that AI machines will take over the world and that we will soon be replaced by robotic automaton machines? Alternatively, will they be used to control all those who do not follow the directives of this new global indoctrination and mandatory vaccination, by means of insect drones, which are actually already being used?

And what can be said about Neuralink, a company that is striving to implant Artificial Intelligence inside human brains? Could the aim be to create enhanced super soldiers or human-animal hybrid cyborgs that are devoid of emotion and poised for combat, like the ones that already exist, or could genetic modification of people be the goal? This is no longer science fiction…

We have to stay alert because the dominating elite’s objective is to create an ideal society, according to their views, whereby productive labour will be carried out by a slave race designed to comply with, obey and serve the elite’s needs, according to directives received via a hive mind. This forms part of their transhumanist agenda already underway through nanochips contained in the dangerous mRNA gene therapies disguised as vaccines, which are designed to turn us into soulless beings, devoid of ethical principles and human values.

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