Sunday, 19 September 2021


 With the aim of triggering fear and famine on a global scale, the Satanist technocratic elite are instigating an interruption of supply chains worldwide. A shortage of containers from China, the closure of commercial ports, a scarcity of raw materials and labour shortages are among the underlying causes. All of these excuses are rooted in lockdowns mandated in response to the plandemic, with the aim of reducing the availability of food and supplies throughout the world, which is affecting various sectors of the global economy, including the automotive industry and supermarkets. Apparently, things are going to get even worse, unless citizens stage worldwide uprisings and take a stand against the harm being perpetrated against humanity. Is it possible they are striving to destroy industry, in order to reinstate an era of poverty and mass shortages? Could this be why they want us to eat lab-produced synthetic meat and foods made with petrol or insects? Furthermore, what can be said about the crisis affecting the tourism and hospitality industries, which is particularly hard-hit, as guests are not arriving, and staffers are being forced to ask customers whether they have a health passport, despite it not actually certifying that the holder is healthy? In short, the objective is to generate an upsurge in unemployment and poverty, driven by a false pandemic, which is entrapping millions in a war for mass vaccination.

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