Sunday, 19 September 2021


 The so-called Green Pass, health passport, or Covid certificate is paving the way to mass surveillance, arbitrary control, injustice, discrimination and apartheid, in addition to triggering the loss of many rights and freedoms that have always been ours, as free human beings. It is being rolled out in a plethora of countries and being met passively by many people who do not realise what this measure actually implies.

It has nothing to do with health; rather, it forms part of an agenda that uses an experimental vaccine or gene therapy to alter our DNA, so that we will stop being human beings and become transhumans. As such, we become property of the pharmaceutical company that owns the patent, and every person is given their own QR code, just like any other marketable product that can be bought and sold.

Despite these factors, people who are more awake have realised what is happening and are creating a wave of resistance, staging protests and rallies involving thousands of people in any number of countries, such as France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, USA and others. They are protesting against the infamous Green Pass and mandatory vaccination, with the support of lawyers, jurists, physicians, scientists, writers, hotel owners, caterers, journalists, deputies and so on. Together, they are taking action, filing lawsuits in the courts and, ultimately, achieving results.

Now is the time to intensify protests against restrictions established by the Green Pass, in order to protect ourselves and preserve our humanity, whilst we eradicate discrimination and abuse, by posing resistance and engaging in mass civil disobedience, as we move forward with complete determination, until we have put an end to this madness.

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