Monday, 20 December 2021


 We are waging a psychological and spiritual war, in which a huge number of people have been hypnotised by fear, threats and bribery, so that they would accept a murderous spike-protein vaccine which is causing terrible injuries. And now, as part of this ever-intensifying holocaust, they even want to give it to children. In other words, World War Three is at the height of its rollout, where our soul and our mental, and spiritual integrity is at stake. As far as Christmas is concerned, everyone waits for this time of year with high hopes. However, supposed precautionary measures are now being put into place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and its new variants. Indeed, they have started cancelling Christmas in any number of countries, closing down Christmas markets, and cancelling the arrival of Santa Claus and other celebrations, processions and concerts. They have also cancelled midnight mass on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties, including family gatherings.

And what can be said about families and children, who wait with great interest, for containers coming from China to be dispatched, so that they can buy their presents and celebrate a happy Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Why do they want to quash the most tradition-filled holiday of the year, which includes the arrival of Santa Claus, with all of his presents, which has done so much good to children, and families over the years?

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