Tuesday, 18 May 2021


 The sombre interest in depopulating humankind is nothing new, as the quest to eliminate humanity through genocide and euthanasia has been going on for centuries and continues today. This is apparent in the creation of an artificial virus that has nothing to do with the pandemic, which is actually a cover-up designed by psychopaths to achieve depopulation and destroy 94% of the global populace… whilst millions are overcome by terror-stricken panic and even willing to sacrifice our children via an experimental vaccine that alters our DNA.

Sir Francis Galton and Charles Darwin are both eugenicists, as are William and Bill Gates and even Klaus Schwab, director of the Davos Forum. The same is true of Henry Kissinger, Soros and Prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld – all of whom prescribe to Nazi ideologies. Even Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the WHO and others are among the mass murderers who commit crimes against humanity, but are recognised as professionals and so-called philanthropists.

What can be said of PRC tests that can be used as a vaccine, in addition to containing harmful theragrippers? And what about alarming vaccine passports that seek to restrict our freedoms and control everyone? Why has there been an upsurge in deaths, coinciding precisely with the start of vaccination campaigns in many countries? Similarly, what can be said about the internment camps or ‘quarantine camps’ that have already been set up and are operative throughout the world? Or about Pfizer’s unmasked document discussing the fact that vaccinated individuals can transmit spike protein to the unvaccinated, thereby modifying their DNA?

This vaccine and all the new vaccines that will soon be rolled out following mutant strains are murderous agents developed by the Covid mafia. Apparently, they are triggering many imminent deaths and this will continue, if we do not engage in uprisings worldwide, thereby manifesting our disobedience towards those who are perpetrating this scam and striving to create global genocide and depopulation.

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