Monday, 31 May 2021


 We are living in the post-truth era, in a society where lies are a weapon of persuasion used by the media which is brainwashing millions of people with its false information disguised as truth. Undoubtedly, the aim is to apply the psychology of fear, whilst they force the populace to continue wearing masks and to practice social distancing. Moreover, they are using the fake pandemic to pressure citizens, in an attempt to vaccinate the entire population. In the process, they are creating a new kind of ethic characterised by servile and obedient slaves who do not think. These factors are causing mental health problems to intensify as unemployment rises and we face poverty and famine like never before. Green passports are being imposed upon us as a requirement for travel and this is nothing, if not a global surveillance system that will drive us towards total slavery and genocide.

The only truth we have here is that a genocidal conspiracy is being perpetrated against humanity though experimental vaccines that will modify human DNA so that the body will create part of the virus – the spike protein – which causes vascular damage. All of this is happening under the supervision of the medical establishment and corrupt pharmaceutical companies. Even Pfizer has admitted that these vaccines contain a substance that turns those receiving the jab into super-spreaders who can infect the unvaccinated.

And what can be said about the persuasion campaigns that are underway, complete with absurd rewards, incentives, bribes and gifts that are being offered worldwide, as a way to vaccinate the doubtful? Unquestionably, this extreme interest in persuading the populace to get vaccinated is very suspicious. Could neuromarketing manipulation be behind it, although millions ignore its macabre results? They appear to want to cover up the fact that we are dealing with an injection that is hugely harmful and lethal, as the masses fall into their trap.

Thus, in order to counter these terrible evils, growing millions are demonstrating against the huge Covid farce and health-based terrorism, demanding that those responsible for this fake pandemic be tried in a special court – much like the Nazis at Nuremberg – for human rights violations and attempted global genocide.

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