Saturday, 26 June 2021


 To understand how today’s world works, it is useful to imagine a chessboard. In terms of the alleged pandemic’s management, we can see that we are but humble pawns of the governing empire. Nonetheless, we are called to wake up and checkmate the globalists who are causing extreme harm. Although the odds are against us, if we unite like one big family, we have huge potential to emerge victorious, just like little David who kills the giant Goliath.

Indeed, our only option is to fight for our awakening for, if we do not, our thoughts and actions will dissipate over the next few years, until Agenda 2030 is complete. In order to gain more power, they are resorting to a high-tech Big Brother, disguised as a digital observer that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control the entire world.

This is why a growing number of people who are aware of what is happening with this relentless vaccination campaign, refuse to participate in this experiment. This includes any number of famous athletes who are voicing their refusal to take these highly damaging vaccines. The same is true of artists, musicians, singers, presenters, producers and actors who openly speak out against vaccines. Many have even been affected by them, whilst others have died after being vaccinated, despite the media not reporting on it.

Thus, with each passing day, more and more people are joining forces to sue governments for damages incurred by the tyrannical measures they have mandated. Judges, MPs, deputies, prestigious physicians and lawyers are offering their support, suing governments for fomenting the police state, totalitarianism and genocide. They are also presenting legal action with international courts. And what can be said about recently discovered scandals involving US scientific advisor Anthony Fauci and his ties with Bill Gates and the fake pandemic? What can be said of his being implicated in the origins of Covid, and his funding Big Pharma, in order to sell vaccines? What about the lies he has told to prohibit the use of effective medical treatments, ultimately triggering the death of many defenceless people?

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