Friday, 3 September 2021


 We are all involuntary participants in a Third World War that is currently underway. The elite are fighting against humanity, targeting the populace as the enemy. The macabre idea of creating a Great War that would directly affect and exterminate the vast majority of humankind has been one of the satanic elite’s principal aims for many years, as seen during the First and Second World Wars. Both were triggered by false flags, like the sinking of the Luistania – just like the Titanic – the badly named ‘Spanish flu’, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and many more. And what can be said about the ‘inside-job’ terror attack on 9/11, whose 20th anniversary is this year? What about its consequences, like the loss of liberties, under the pretext of the fight against terror? A considerable amount of evidence suggests that the attack was a move orchestrated by the nation’s own government, with the participation of the CIA and the Mossad.

Right now, with the excuse of the false pandemic crisis, we find ourselves in a similar situation, where our freedoms and constitutional rights are being threatened worldwide, in order to impose a toxic gene-therapy vaccine, using bribery. Furthermore, its parameters have now been extended to include children. Draconian restrictions are being rolled out in many countries and they involve health passports, medical tyranny, searches and arrests without a court order, assaults, surveillance and the control of information and citizens, in addition to division and discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…

Despite all these factors, the police and other forces are rebelling against mandatory vaccination and taking the side of citizens, who are staging demonstrations without respite… We are in a Third World War; the elite are waging this biological and genetic war against the population, in accordance with a eugenics plan, in order to seize the human soul.

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