Saturday, 16 October 2021


 As we face the government’s mad rush to rollout booster shots, containing even greater amounts of spike protein, in order to accelerate mass death amongst the population, people have started to wake up and become aware of the Covid hoax. At the same time, some governments have announced new plans to discriminate against the unvaccinated, by segregating them from society since, if this continues, they will no longer have the right to work, eat at a café counter, travel by bus or enter a building.

This is why many physicians, healthcare workers, lawyers, journalists, firefighters, governors, politicians and labourers are breaking the silence and openly taking a stand against these anti-constitutional measures. Indeed, they are lending their support to citizens, by rallying against health passports and asking everyone to stand united in civil resistance. It is vitally necessary in moments of tranny, as we are called to fight for our freedoms in the covert war, we are all experiencing.

Let us not forget that we are being confronted with World War III, which the elite is waging against humanity in order to destroy us. They intend to strip us of our economy and income, robbing us of our lives or leaving us without food. For all these reasons, we are being called to become true militant warriors united in civil disobedience, as we stage protests and mass demonstrations, like those we are already seeing in many countries.


 There is no doubt that the so-called pandemic was a necessary pretext designed to bring the global economy to a grinding halt and to trigger its collapse, whilst undermining the very fabric of society, with the definitive closure of businesses, the breakdown of supply chains, rising unemployment and economic recession. Furthermore, the corrupt elite are planning to take advantage of the arrival of boreal winter, and they are poised to generate large-scale power failure, so that people will potentially freeze to death. Millions could die, if the blackouts coincide with an icy winter, or be killed, because of the toxic vaccine, created to exterminate the global population.

At the same time, most of China is grappling with a power shortage, amidst constant problems with supply chains that are triggering shipment delays and product shortages all over the world. This has also caused an alarming upsurge in the price of gas, fuel and even food. What is the underlying cause of this fuel crisis, which is causing blackouts to become increasingly frequent worldwide? Additionally, why are they raising the cost of electricity all over Europe? A serious energy and power crisis appears to be fast approaching, which, in turn, will create a world food crisis, driving us towards an emergency of unprecedented hunger and poverty. For this reason, we need to prepare ourselves, in addition to staging protests against everything they are doing to us, in accordance with their painstaking plans.

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