Thursday, 28 October 2021


 Before the fake pandemic and closures began to shake the entire world, Latin America was immersed in a wave of protests, triggered by growing unrest amongst the populace, which was mainly due to poor government policies, electoral fraud, covert coup d’états, rising taxes and so-called economic reforms. These protests were also prompted by mistrust and discontent towards numerous governmental policies, alarming corruption amongst politicians, inequality, unemployment, and the uncertainty of precarious labour, in addition to a massive stream of immigrants, and refugees…

Yet, what happened with the outbreak of the pandemic and the rollout of the tyrannical measures being imposed upon us? Was it merely a good excuse to silence all dissident voices, thanks to mandated closures and social distancing, and through the fear inculcated in misinformed citizens, who have been abandoned to their own devices?

We have to remember our countries’ past, and their dictatorships, orchestrated from the shadows with the aim of destroying the people’s freedom. By doing so, we can prevent these things from happening again, because politicians are not going to give up on their agenda to annihilate humanity. In fact, they are currently using toxic vaccines and a nonlethal virus that is very similar to the flu, to impose their unconventional dictatorships upon us. Now, their aim is to achieve domination and control, not just of our bodies, but of our souls as well, whilst they distract us with their elections and political conflicts that, in reality, form part of the very same game, to the detriment of the oppressed people. For this reason, we must protest, peacefully and in masse, taking a stand against the medical tyranny of the satanic elite’s sold-out governments, because the conspiracy against humanity continues.

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