Saturday, 6 November 2021


 Klaus Schwab is an affluent German engineer of Nazi origins. A descendant of the notorious Rothschild family, he is the founder of the World Economic Forum, which is advertised as an organisation that promotes public-private cooperation. Yet, what it really seeks is to roll out the global Great Reset, based on technological dictatorship and control. It advocates eugenics, transhumanism and nanotechnology’s integration with the human body, so that human beings can be remote-controlled by the State.

Klaus Schwab’s so-called ‘Great Reset’, comprises hydropower, plasma turbines, nuclear power, materials science, nuclear weapons, oil, and gas, coal, biofuel, paper, food, robotics, artificial intelligence, finance, patents, pharmaceuticals and more.

The World Economic Forum is completely fraudulent, and an enemy of humanity. It meets in Davos, Switzerland, at the beginning of February, each year, to draw up dystopian plans that reflect the agenda of psychopaths who are now using Covid as an excuse to accelerate their quest to control the world and destroy humanity.

Monday, 1 November 2021


 As a consequence of the closures and lockdowns derived from the fake pandemic, we have recently been seeing an upsurge in mental health problems in minors, which has caused a ‘wave’ of psychological disorders. Indeed, childhood psychiatric emergencies and eating disorders have doubled in number, and the same is true of cases involving anxiety, depression, self-inflicted injury and suicide among adolescents and children. Violence against minors, mistreatment and abuse are also on the rise, and the amount of screen time allotted to children and young people has skyrocketed.

Numerous studies and scientific papers are exposing this alarming situation, as figures continue to rise. This is a source of serious concern, because it engenders the possibility of prolonged side effects, expressed over the course of many years. These factors lead to the medicalization of children which is even worse, when combined with an experimental gene therapy. Why are they underestimating figures surrounding the vaccine’s serious side effects in young people, when they include irreversible damage and death? This not all, however. Children and teens are being subjected to mask mandates that harm their health and undermine relationships, which are extremely important to our evolutionary, emotional and physical development.

And what can be said of the indoctrination, psychological pressure and brainwashing of youth, who have not yet developed critical thinking and discernment skills? What is the aim? What ideas are schools inculcating into pupils, through an education system that has been hijacked for years, so that it can be used to carry out the elite’s agenda?

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