Tuesday, 23 November 2021


 The 46th President of the United States is currently in office, as one of the least popular presidents of all time amongst Americans. His dark past is fraught with accusations of paedophilia, abuse and inappropriate conduct towards children and young people. His notoriety includes scandals in which his children are protagonists, as well as being centred upon accusations against him for corruption or irregular activities. He has been accused of plagiarism, racism and incompetence during public events. Furthermore, his memory lapses and blunders prompt rumours about his mental health and trigger doubts about his ability to govern the world’s leading power.

Furthermore, his advocacy in favour of transgenderism, the LGBTQ agenda, and abortion, in addition to his ties to Communist China have brought approval ratings on his policies and how he manages the presidency to all-time low. The same is true of his mandate for compulsory vaccination, involving a harmful gene-therapy vaccine, which he wants to impose upon any number of sectors. In fact, many of these sectors are coming together to reject his policies. These include the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as security guards, police officers, attorneys and bishops who have realised that he is merely a straw man – a puppet put in office by the NWO’s elite, with the aim of continuing their agenda against the people, in order to destroy the few American values left. In short, he is striving to create a State founded upon surveillance and slavery, as we continue to see.

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