Monday, 26 September 2022


 Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the proclamation of Charles III as the new king, a plethora of scandals involving the British royal family, over the course of centuries, is being exposed. Revelations include their adoption of the surname ‘Windsor’ – to cover up their family name’s German origins – and their relationship with the Nazis, in addition to disclosing their ties to Satanist and paedophile rings. One historic example involves the 1889 discovery that the Queen’s great-uncle, Prince Albert, was none other than ‘Jack the Ripper’. The royal family’s current situation continues to be characterised by libertine conduct, infidelity, paedophilia and other crimes.

All of these factors are affecting the royals, who are facing a situation of complete uncertainty, due, in part, to the low level of popular acceptance – a mere 25% – garnered by the current king, Charles III, whose popularity waned following his failed marriage to Lady Diana, his cheating and other scandals. It should also be noted that he has always been suspected of being largely implicated in the accident that cost Lady Diana her life.

The recent scandal involving his brother Andrew is one of child sex abuse, and the current King’s long-standing relationships with known, charged paedophiles – such as Bishop Peter Ball or his ‘best friend’ BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile, accused of the rape and/or sexual assault of more than 500 people – also form part of his extensive record.

Charles III, the principal proponent of the ‘Great Reset’ and the Green Agenda, is now the largest assets owner in the world, and his estate is built upon wealth and property derived from the monarchy’s violation of rights throughout history and it comprises profits derived from the arms trade and the sale of depleted uranium. Charles III is a symbol of how a small group has dominated and controlled the majority, over the course of millennia.

Saturday, 17 September 2022


 Anything related to the Cosmos is of utmost importance in the times in which we live. Solar energy is increasing, as the Sun experiences even more activity than scientists initially anticipated, which leads us to consider the real possibility of a new change affecting the planetary scene, thereby generating a scenario similar to what happened in previous eras, with civilisations like Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis...

Perhaps this is why the number of cosmic ships sighted in 2022 is on the rise. Over the course of the last few decades, extra-terrestrial beings have made their presence known, at different moments in history, as in the case of the New York blackouts in 1965 and 1977, or with the UFO landing that occurred in Voronezh, Russia, in 1989, which was featured in newspapers all over the world. In certain instances, they have intervened to deactivate nuclear missiles – in silos or during actual tests – as part of their constant efforts to warn and protect human beings. They have also sent us messages, like those inherent in the crop circles that appear in various countries throughout the world, especially England. Furthermore, are we being warned about Project Blue Beam, whereby the global elite intend to simulate a fake extra-terrestrial invasion?

Various different races of stellar beings are warning us and offering us their help, including the Pleiadians, the Andromedans and beings from Aldebaran. A number of contactees bear witness to this fact, and relay news of their encounters with simplicity and truthfulness, sharing the message these beings from the Cosmos are sending to Humanity.

Tuesday, 13 September 2022


 After twenty-one years since the worst attack in history destroyed New York’s Twin Towers and WTC building 7 – which cost nearly 3,000 lives – no one believes the official narrative. Whom did it benefit? Who had the motives and the means to carry out the attack? Every question posed ends up leading to the same group of suspects, namely, the U.S. government, through its secret agencies, and the CIA, in collaboration with Israel’s Mossad, and Britain’s MI6.

They destroyed the Twin Towers, with a false-flag operation to protect President Bush, and to avoid his having to declare the truth and stand trial for embezzling billions of dollars, yet it also enabled them to establish the New World Order.

The long list of false-flag operations staged worldwide by the unethical and criminal elite in recent years has drastically deteriorated the democratic system of nation-states, whilst undermining the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. Currently, the fake Covid pandemic, imposed upon us on a global scale, is yet another step of the ‘inside-job’ attack against the World Trade Center.

Despite these facts, a plethora of witnesses, experts and technical resources provide sufficient evidence to re-open the investigation and prosecute all those who have gone unpunished for their actions.

Monday, 5 September 2022


 For generations, human beings have known of continents and civilisations that have been lost. We are referring, not only to Atlantis, but to other legendary lands as well, that have been lost in the depths of the sea or transformed into unrecognisable deserts, like Hyperborea and Lemuria, or the continent Mu, which disappeared for a cosmic cause that has not yet been revealed. In fact, this is something that could happen to us as well, in the present day.

Traditions, myths and histories that refer to these ancient civilisations are everywhere, and experts have discovered that secret military bases often occupy places where the physical ruins or vestiges of these civilisations are found, as in the case of Pine Gap, in Australia. On a related note, researchers have revealed information about the secret space programme forming part of a governmental conspiracy, which has hidden space exploration and advanced technology for years. This has enabled voyages to the Moon and Mars, where colonies already exist, in addition to fostering an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and in these secret bases all over the world.

On a related note, what can be said about the fake Apollo 11 moon landing? Why have they covered up this hoax involving travel to the Moon? Furthermore, what can we say about the existence of two moons orbiting Earth? Why has all information surrounding these issues been silenced, and what about the prophecies left to us in the past by beings like the King of the World, Melchizedek, and Hermes Trismegistus, which are relevant and applicable to humankind in the current era? All of these mysteries are worth revealing and it is invaluable for us to be able to learn about them.

Thursday, 1 September 2022


 Anthony Fauci, currently Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden will be stepping down from his posts in December 2022, after more than 50 years characterised by unethical scientific activity and cruel experiments using human beings, as well as accusations of genocide due to the AIDS hoax.

The serious accusations against Fauci regarding his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, his links to the funding of the virus’s gain-of-function in the Wuhan laboratory, his defence of experimental drugs over proven and effective preventative treatments, the lies he told to Congress while under oath… have caused him to be considered one of the greatest criminals in modern history.

Is it possible this resignation – like others presented by politicians and prime ministers in several different countries – is an attempt to evade the courts of justice and avoid accountability for all the damage done? Alternatively, is it a distraction mechanism for purposes of image laundering, so that someone else can be forced upon us, as the iron-fisted elites continue to pursue their genocidal agenda against humanity?

It is expected the United States will use political control to demand a thorough investigation of everything that has happened, including Anthony Fauci’s criminal management, so that he can be prosecuted in the courts, in hopes of showing the American people the fraud perpetrated against them for over two years, and whose outcome involves the death of hundreds of thousands of people, a figure that could increase in the coming months.

Saturday, 20 August 2022


 Thorough investigation of the topic of Atlantis not only involves exploring myths and legends. We also have to consider that archaeological remains are scattered throughout the world, and even found in the depths of lakes, and underneath Antarctica, despite the drive to hide the evidence, as the powers-that-be strive to keep us immersed in ignorance. The rise of Atlantis and, even more so, its demise imply events of planetary and cosmic magnitude. As our solar system travels through the cosmos, scientists are detecting unforeseen phenomena; planets and the heliosphere are becoming brighter, and the Van Allen belt is getting weaker… The combination of any number of events can potentially trigger the end of a civilisation, as was the case with Atlantis.

Other phenomena, such as the discovery of giant ships near the Sun or the International Space Station, enable us to realise that NASA has two sides to it. It has an official side, and one that operates covertly. That is not all, however. Scientists have found that our Sun could be a Stargate, in addition to uncovering that a magnetic tunnel connects the Sun and the planets. Furthermore, what can be said about time travel, Déjà vu, and people disappearing mysteriously and without a trace, or teleportation and journeys through time?

Currently, science is starting to reveal scenarios that help us complete our view of reality, not only of the past, but also of a different present and a possible future: contact with other civilisations, time travel, parallel universes or interstellar journeys.

Saturday, 6 August 2022


 In Part 2 of this trilogy on magic and illusion, we will see how magic accompanies us throughout our lives. This is the case now, just as it was a thousand years ago, and it will continue to be true even after another thousand years go by.

We all need magic. It is ever-present in our surroundings, and when we no longer feel it, or we give up on it, we disrupt our imperceptible connection with everything around us. Not only are there fantastical beings that have awed and inspired us for thousands of years, like enchanted princesses, genies that emerge from their lamps, hidden treasures and talking birds... magic can also be found any time we believe in ourselves and trust in our potential. It is also inherent in our unceasing ability to stand up and face any circumstances.

Empathy, resilience, healthy entertainment, joy, happiness, affection, expressiveness, amusement and love… are positive states that can modify our life circumstances, and attract the light and magic we thought we lost.

Incorporating magic into education opens up infinite possibilities and cultivates the intangible relationships that exist among all things. Furthermore, magic expands our skills and developmental potential. Creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and the capacity to feel wonder form part of a healthy, happy life, and they are something we must never lose, as children or adults.

Sunday, 31 July 2022


 We currently find ourselves in a critical moment in which the same kind of destruction that happened at the end of the era of Atlantis could happen again. Scientists are monitoring the cosmos and evaluating possible risks, and they have discovered that the so-called ‘Planet X’, also known as Barnard, Nemesis, Tycho, Wormwood, or the Star of Baal among the ancient Semites, is real. Indeed, its celestial transit coincides with the final leg of the Sun’s journey, during the Sidereal year, i.e., the moment in which we now find ourselves.

Through data gathered by space probes like the Voyagers and Pioneer 10, scientists have concluded that we are approaching an interstellar cloud whose diameter is some 30 light years long. It is highly magnetised and, in their view, should not be there at all. It should also be noted that, in their quest for survival options, researchers designed ‘Project Daedalus’ in the 1970s, centred upon Barnard’s Star. At the same time, the Vatican and its secret observatories are closely monitoring celestial bodies that are approaching the Earth.

Moreover, what is the significance of satellites like the Moon, which many scientists claim is hollow and artificial, or others like ‘Black Knight’, which appears to have extra-terrestrial origins? And what can be said about Project ‘Looking Glass’ which employs advanced technology and is associated with multiverses and dimensional portals or star gates?

Saturday, 23 July 2022


 Magic brings us happiness and relaxation in these difficult times fraught with the anxieties and uncertainties we are experiencing. It carves out a space for us, in which we can rediscover beauty and imagination. It also enables us to go back to being like children, and to express simplicity and joy. Throughout history, from classic Greece, to the faraway Orient, Egypt and ancient Persia, there are recorded stories featuring divination, metamorphosis, talking animals, walking statues and talisman that cured illnesses.

Furthermore, ‘siddhi’ – the miraculous powers of the yogis – include various skills such as touching an object at a distance or dominating the elements. Another feat involved the so-called ‘Miracle rope’ trick whereby the magician’s apprentice would climb up a rope, until he vanished. Also worthy of note are the great stories of Princess Scheherazade in ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ which transport us, once again, to an age of innocence and wonder that is well worth recovering. We are referring to the world of genies, magic lamps, flying carpets, courageous princesses, horses that soar the skies and heroes... which are part of our childhood memories. It is a world of wonder and mystery where the impossible becomes reality.

Later, in our own time, we have illusionists like Harry Houdini, the great magician and escapists who amazed the world, and David Copperfield, among others, or the wonderful Cirque du Soleil, which have kept the spirit of this magic alive, and thanks to this reality, we are assured that any goal can be reached and certain that magic is inherent in all things.

Saturday, 16 July 2022


 The existence of a huge catastrophe triggered by a Great Flood continues to endure in the collective memory of many peoples, and it is described in more than 500 known versions around the world, as the final moment in the life of the civilisation of Atlantis. A shift in the Earth’s axis, and the emergence of expansive deserts in regions that were once home to marine animals or immense tropical forests created a new setting for today’s civilisation.

At the end of Atlantis, many mysterious vestiges were scattered throughout the world and some of the peoples who survived the Flood settled in Egypt, India, China, Tibet and Greece. We are referring to peoples like the Mayans, the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, Phoenicians, Guanches, and Basques, who are the descendants of that highly developed civilisation.

Whilst we, as a humanity, find ourselves in a crucial moment, facing the risk that what happened in that era could happen today, new theories and evidence are emerging regarding the possibility that unusual solar activity could occur once again, and trigger the same destructive processes that caused the demise of their civilisation. We are referring to a number of solar events that appear to be on the verge of happening all over again.

Despite this being the case, if we manage to elevate our frequency, stand united as a species, and make a positive change, abandoning the terrible decadence in which we live, we could also receive extra help. Indeed, as times get harder, we could find shelter in the Hollow Earth as well, much like those peoples from other humanities who knew how to preserve their integrity.

Saturday, 9 July 2022


 Controlling human beings and modifying their conduct has been an objective since the dawn of time. Currently, psychotronic, kinetic and radiofrequency weapons, or 5G, are being used against the population, as was the case in 2018 with American diplomats in Havana. Wireless technology is slowly killing human beings, interfering with our thoughts, damaging our DNA and causing injuries at the cell level.

All human beings are equally affected by it, despite some people not noticing. Weapons that have the ability to induce thoughts also exist, including synthetic telepathy and induced dreams or nightmares.

Using these frequencies, they are literally interfering with the human brain, altering our thought patterns and behaviour. It should also be noted that climate-altering weapons – such as the American HAARP and the Russian SURA systems – are capable of triggering hurricanes or powerful earthquakes, like several we have seen in recent years.

Saturday, 2 July 2022


 Atlantis was highly advanced, and its degree of development far surpassed that of our current civilisation. Although it was wiped off the face of the Earth, it is remembered in the myths and legends of many cultures that refer to the catastrophic events that caused the Great Flood, including massive solar storms which altered the climate and precipitated the end of the last glaciation period, some 9,200 years ago.

They had unimaginable weapons of destruction capable of obliterating large populations which were used in massive wars waged between Light and Darkness, in the civilisation’s final era. The few who survived became the basis for the creation of a new race.

Once again, history is repeating itself. Our race finds itself experiencing its end game and, once more, we find two paths opening before us. We can continue participating in the madness of wanting to play God with life, genetics and mutations, or we can elevate our frequency and reclaim the integrity of our DNA which was altered millennia ago. By doing the latter, we will activate its 12 original strands and reclaim the place that originally belonged to us, freeing ourselves from all kinds of slavery and limitations.

It’s now or never. The decision lies with each one of us. Either we move forward and engage in radical transformation, or we become victims of a new solar flare or flash that will annihilate our technology, which would cause us to lose our bearings, and ultimately fall prey to complete devolution.

Saturday, 18 June 2022


 Collective memory of the Flood can be traced back to the myths and legends found in cultures all over the world. An element that is common to all of them is the destruction of humankind, in antiquity. Although the vast majority of people were annihilated, a smaller group survived, led by a key figure: Noah, Nene, Atrahasis, or Manu, depending on how each culture chronicles these events. In that era, technology was highly advanced, and some fled, using their airships, known as vimanas.

Remains of their constructions have been found underwater, in a variety of seas. These artefacts, which date back approximately 12,000 years, corroborate the existence of the civilisation of Atlantis.

Mythology and ancient written sources teach us that the final era of Atlantis was marked by a huge catastrophe. The ocean’s waves grew as high as mountains, whilst hurricanes and volcanic explosions shook the entire planet. Some scholars hypothesise, that the impact of a massive asteroid or comet – some 12,000-13,000 years ago – accelerated the end of the last ice-age. It also triggered a crucial change in the history of our civilisation, destroying Atlantis and causing the Flood, as a number of different contemporary researchers suggest.

Monday, 13 June 2022


 Since the beginning of 2020, we have been living in a dystopian world, generated by the fake pandemic and new viruses that are being manufactured, in order to continue the fear campaign and vaccine rollout, within a society that is increasingly alienated and sick, as human beings yield to robotisation and transhumanism.

Yet, we should also note that a growing number of people are banding together, to create a protest-based social movement that is already underway in many countries, via associations, organisations and groups of experts, who are staging protests and filing lawsuits before the courts, in support of freedom and the truth, so that what has been done to us will come to light.

Why is this happening? What future do we want – a cold and robotic world of social control, vaccine-associated collective hypnosis, new manufactured pandemics and illness, like the one we are currently experiencing? Alternatively, will we begin to build a new world founded upon real values, outside of this corrupt system, where solidarity and altruism enable us to live in harmony, freedom and peace?

Saturday, 4 June 2022


 Ancient traditions link the origins of ‘Agharta’ to biblical Noah and the destruction of the civilisation of Atlantis.

Atlantis was a highly evolved civilisation whose technology was hugely developed. They had space ships that ran on unlimited energy, and numerous researchers have corroborated this fact, which is supported by copious evidence. It should be noted however, that the civilisation’s final era, which preceded its ultimate destruction, was characterised by decline, and their armies waged terrible wars involving sophisticated weapons, despite their having received warnings from beings who tried to help humanity of the time, before the Great Flood.

Many survivors from Atlantis, Lemuria and Hyperborea found refuge in the Hollow Earth, and they are the continuation of earlier civilisations who learnt their lesson, and have continued to develop peacefully ever since.

Indian, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan myths – and even Persian stories from ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ – recount the history of the Atlantean civilisation, from its maximum splendour to its decline and demise. They also describe the beginnings of our current humanity, which appears to be following in their footsteps towards self-destruction, and will continue in that direction, unless we do something to stop it.

Monday, 30 May 2022


 A discussion of gold denotes wealth and fortune, but it also plunges us into shady stories of resentment, greed and death. The ‘Gold Rush’ began in January 1848, in Sacramento, California, which, at the time, was still a Mexican territory. That same year, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty to end the war in both nations, and the USA obtained territories that had previously belonged to Mexico, including New Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. Over the course of just seven years, more than 300,000 people reached California. Violence and hatred against Native Americans ended in genocide. The indigenous population dropped from 150,000 to 30,000, in just 25 years. They suffered hunger, diseases and attacks.

With the development of global trade, industrialised countries sought ways to standardise transactions and create a global market. The gold standard was adopted, in response to these needs. Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913, as a way of stabilising the value of gold and the currency. However, in 1971, the gold standard was abandoned, and it is clear that the different gold reserves each country once had, have disappeared over time. Is it possible that this gold has been collected by the Illuminati, Bilderberg and members of the 20 top families that rule the world? Fort Knox hosts the United States reserves, yet, at present, no one is quite sure if this gold exists, or if it is actually gold-plated tungsten.

Monday, 23 May 2022


 On this occasion, we are going to explore the origins of our civilisation, i.e., the great cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. Yet, we will not only discuss the destruction that took place at the end of the civilisation, during its era of decline, which is what gave rise to the origins of our current Aryan race. Rather, our discussion will also take us further back in time, to its very origins, to the Golden Age, its era of maximum splendour, and back to ages of light and magnificence that are currently extinct.

A variety of different writers, researchers and scientists have compiled the traditions of these ancient peoples and, in so doing, have been able decode many of the vestiges associated with that powerful, highly evolved civilisation. Many suggest we are dealing with a culture of great astronomers and engineers. Although they used magic, they also had access to scientific and technological advancements with which we are unfamiliar today. They were capable of managing atomic energy, as well as other kinds, including solar, and their cities were lit using zero-point infinite energy.

They built ships they could use to travel by land, sea and sky, embarked on space journeys, and were in contact with other humanities and stellar beings.

Their huge metropolises were spread out in various parts of the world, and wise beings knew how to govern this powerful civilisation, whose underwater remains give us an indication of the size and grandeur of their buildings, avenues, temples, palaces and pyramids. And what can be said of their mirrors and how they were used? And what about orichalcum? What was its function and how did they get it? A number of mysteries have come to the fore for us, and we will try to resolve them.

Monday, 16 May 2022


 From its early days, Hollywood was always considered a ‘dream factory’ where brilliant young actors could strive for success. The situation shifted to adapt to the interests of the economic elite and its wielders of power, and Hollywood has since become the ministry of propaganda for the United States of America. In fact, it is controlled by the CIA, and, to this very day, it continues to be a factory-of-sorts for mind control and manipulation.

It should also be noted that it had tremendous influence on the two world wars, offering its support to the Nazi regime. Its history comprises scandals, corruption, vices, drugs, sexual abuse, suicides and murder. By the same token, it became a hub for the American mafia and international crime scene.

This is not all, however. It is also at the forefront, when it comes to child abuse. Mind control techniques have been widely used on girls from the ‘Disney Club’ and many other young people, turning their lives into a living hell, characterised by copious drugs, depression, jail, depravation, paedophilia and satanic ceremonies, until they turn into hypnotised puppet-like figures at the service of their creators.

Yet, Hollywood is a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be. It is also a smokescreen and an outlet for disinformation designed to cover up its countless crimes, as we are seeing today. And what can be said about the host of famous actors who have supported the government campaign advocating vaccines and draconian measures against the people? They have fuelled lies, but, as it turns out, they are also suffering from adverse effects or have died, as a consequence of these murderous vaccines.

Saturday, 7 May 2022


 In this new video documentary, we will explore the ancient origins of Eastern culture, which has ties to gods from celestial spheres. Its roots are in no way related to present-day China, which solely fosters oppressive collectivism and enslavement.

The beginnings of this great civilisation date back some 5,000 years with the reign of Huangdi, known as the Yellow Emperor, who created a culture inspired by the divine, which saw the development of Astronomy, Writing, Engineering and Medicine. The great Queen Mother of the West, together with the Jade Emperor – the Supreme Ruler of Heaven – reigned in a Jade Palace, situated on Kunlun, the Celestial Mountain, or Hsi, Paradise, where the peaches of immortality grew.

The traditions of Asia refer to Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion who observes the world's suffering and continues to be a widely venerated deity to this very day. The most important divinity of the Japanese pantheon is the Sun goddess Amaterasu. On a similar note, the Pre-Celtic peoples worshiped the goddess Brigit, also known by the name Dana, the powerful goddess of Wisdom. Furthermore, the goddess Dou Mu, is a divinity revered in the whole of Asia, by Buddhists and Taoists alike. She is known as the Mother of the Seven Stars.

And what can be said of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang, creator of the Great Wall, who reigned until he was 49, unifying the vast country and bringing about improvements for society at large? And what about the quest for immortality that these cultures always considered an achievable possibility? Many cultures discuss this prospect and, over the course of history, there have been accounts testifying to the existence of immortal beings.

Saturday, 30 April 2022


 The history of the British Royal family is rooted in a hidden contradiction, namely, that they are not entirely British. Indeed, the Queen's family is actually of German descent. It is well-known that the House of Windsor – the dynasty to which Queen Elizabeth II belongs – was created in 1917, drawing from two of the most important royal houses in Europe, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which originated in Germany, and the Royal House of Hanover of England.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the reigning British Monarch and, as such, she is sovereign of fifteen independent states, which are constituted as a kingdom. At the same time, she is the chief political figure for the fifty-four member countries forming part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Yet, her vast power hides a dark past that is populated by Nazi sympathisers and underpinned by eugenics and Illuminati ideologies. She is also implicated in child abuse and paedophilia, and has several cases pending before the courts. Furthermore, to this very day, her children and grandchildren continue to be at the centre of any number of scandals.

What can be said of the fact that she is a member of secret masonic orders and other Satanist groups? And what about her interests in banks and key industries, such as Big Pharma, including the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca?

Saturday, 23 April 2022


 In this new video documentary, we will continue to explore this interesting and wide-ranging subject of the Hollow Earth and the beings who live there. On this occasion, we are going to explore the ancient Celtic and Druidic peoples more in depth. The populations of ancient Britannia and Europe were descendants of the Hyperboreans, the Túatha Dé Danann and the Polar race. These beings of giant stature were closely connected to the elemental forces of nature and its magic, and they had ties with the wise beings from Agharti who populate the Inner Earth.

Furthermore, they had an understanding of the Science of the Geon and geomagnetism, as well as other knowledge associated with enormous stones and mystery-filled megalithic constructions, including the famous dolmens, menhirs and cromlechs of Stonehenge and Avebury, in addition to many other alignments that follow Ley Lines, terrestrial magnetism and Hermai.

This video documentary will also discuss talking stones or those that move, roam and levitate, in addition to exploring other mysteries linked to the legendary history of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere in Camelot, located in Glastonbury, in the United Kingdom. It also features the Knights of the Round Table, the quest for the Grail, and traditions exemplifying the fusion of Christianity, at its origins, with the Celtic-Druidic tradition, through the Holy Alliance.

Monday, 11 April 2022


 In this new video documentary, we continue to delve deeper into this interesting topic, discussing the Hollow Earth, its mysteries, and the evolved beings who reside there. On this occasion, we uncover the extraordinary ancient culture of Egypt and its mysteries, many of which continue unsolved to this very day.

In the introduction, we will see the mystery and beauty of pearls, a marvel of the Hollow Earth which encapsulates the knowledge of many cultures that continues to be extremely well-hidden. Pearls have always been the symbol of wisdom and immortality, as well as representing love and happiness. We will also examine the interesting false doors found in a wide variety of cultures. These doors don't appear to lead anywhere, and yet, they were interdimensional portals used since antiquity for interstellar journeys. In fact, they were used by Beings from space, who have always been in contact with terrestrial humanity.

Among the Egyptian culture's untold mysteries, that have yet to be fully revealed, we have the existence of tunnels that interconnect the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Who built these wonderous constructions, and for what purpose? What is stored inside the Chamber of Records and what information can be gleaned from the Inventory Stela, which discloses unfamiliar data? And what can be said about the highly advanced technology they would have needed to build these structures and artefacts? It is truly striking to discover the relationship linking temples, pyramids and the Nile River, with stars and constellations, as a reflection of the Cosmos on Earth.

Saturday, 26 March 2022


 A variety of maps accurately illustrate how the Earth's configuration used to be different than it is today. They show Antarctica ice-free, and continents that have since vanished, yet much of the data these cartographic documents contain has recently been confirmed by mainstream science. These maps' authors include Piri Reis, Pizzigano, Oronteus Finaeus and Gerardus Mercator, among others; map studies developed by Scott-Elliot, which focus on Atlantis and Lemuria, are also worthy of note.

Copious evidence points to the existence of one or more civilisations characterised by vast knowledge, which disappeared some 12,000 years ago. This would explain why any number of traditions, folklore and legends feature giants, and other mythological beings or animals, including Unicorns, Pegasi, the Phoenix, Garudas and talking messenger birds that accompany the gods, who once lived alongside human beings, and other mythological creatures that have since disappeared.

Furthermore, tales and legends discuss magical and immortal beings, genies and flying carpets, whose origins – which have been partially lost – form part of humanity's remote past, and preserve the memory of something that used to be a proven reality. What is the mystery underlying the wonderous stories of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba? And what can be said of the land beyond the seas, a holy land steeped in supreme wisdom and blissful happiness, known as Shamballah, where King of the World resides?

Saturday, 19 March 2022


 It is the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the most famous luxury transatlantic liner in history, in which 1,514 people lost their lives. To date, the details of how this tragedy took place remain a mystery. Is what we have been led to believe actually true, i.e. that the ship hit an iceberg, which ultimately triggered its ruin? Alternatively, could there have been other underlying factors that involve some of the richest people in the world, at that time, namely, the Morgans, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds?

They are not the only ones involved, however. Several theories suggest that the shipyard owner and financier, the ship's captain and others played a role as well, and this is something we must consider, as we strive to learn the real facts surrounding the incident. Why do a number of people implicated in this fateful conspiracy have ties to the Jesuit Illuminati elite of the Vatican and the New World Order? Moreover, what can be said about the plethora of writers who, years before the event, predicted what would happen with a high degree of exactitude? Why did the unethical banker JP Morgan cancel his trip at the last minute – in a move that would save his life?

And what about the mummy the Titanic was carrying as cargo? Although this fact is not well known, it is often referenced as a curse; indeed, several deaths are thought to derive from the mummy's presence on board.

With the sinking of the Titanic, patrons would stop funding Nikola Tesla, the inventor of free energy, and lend their support to the creation of the Federal Reserve, a system that many of the politicians and magnates on board the ship had opposed. Could this have been one of the reasons it sank?

Tuesday, 15 March 2022


 In this new video documentary, our discussion of the Hollow Earth continues. This mysterious topic brings together a large number of cultures, bound by the ancestral memory of a Paradise lost, that we are ultimately called to reclaim. This can be seen in the Nordic culture, where honourable warriors were sent to Valhalla, a celestial hall belonging to the god Odin. It was an other-world prize, a Paradise of sorts, similar to the Elysian Fields, or Elysium, which the Greeks considered, the land of perfect happiness. For Britain, it was the Isle of Avalon, or the Fortunate Isles of Eternal Youth, Thule, which was also associated with ancient Atlantis.

On a related note, the Kingdom of Agharti is home to celestial beings who live under the wise guidance of the King of the Earth. Many intelligent beings, including spirits of nature, live in this alternative plane, i.e., the fourth dimension, within the depths of the Earth itself. We are referring to the world of fairy folk, populated by fairies, elves, gnomes and by water spirits as well, including mermaids, undines and nereids. They are not mere figments of fantasy; rather, their origins and existence are very real, as evidenced by countless testimonies of people who have seen, written about, or painted them, as we will see in this interesting documentary.

This episode also focuses on the world of angels, which has been described in a variety of religions. These angelic beings are close to humans; they assist us and offer help, in times of need. Many people have recounted their experiences with guardian angels or with Archangels Saint Michael and Saint Raphael, who fulfil a specific mission, and people who have had near-death experiences have come back to tell us about it.

Saturday, 5 March 2022


 Many governments have announced they are lifting most of the measures in place to counter the fake pandemic, and other countries are following suit, by gradually relaxing mandates, to the point that they will no longer require vaccine certificates, quarantine and so on. We cannot place our trust in these trends, however. Although it may look like the battle has been won, the war between good and evil has not yet been decided, and the dark powers continue orchestrating their agenda, from the shadows, to the detriment of humanity.

The fact that the Covid farce is now coming to light could explain why a significant number of avowed pro-vaccine personalities in the media and other sectors are starting to backpedal. Nevertheless, they will have to assume their responsibility for this genocide committed via experimental vaccines which are triggering increasingly serious side effects and a growing number of deaths all over the world.

Despite it all, other government are upholding, and even tightening measures designed to oppress the population, as in the case of Italy and France, and the same is true of Canada where Trudeau, a dictatorial totalitarian continues to tyrannise Freedom Convoy demonstrators, via anti-constitutional measures. These protesters are fighting for their right to freedom of choice, and despite Trudeau's efforts, they are garnering the support of citizens worldwide. In short, we cannot confide, since the elite's quest is to keep us enslaved via a variety of control systems, including vaccines, biometrics and other digital mechanisms. Therefore, we have to continue staging protests and making our message ring loud and clear: we will not yield until the genocidal forces of darkness disappear from the face of the Earth.

Saturday, 26 February 2022


 As we continue our series on the hollow Earth and the Kingdom of Agharti, Part 4 provides us with evidence confirming the reality of this subterraneous world inhabited by evolved beings from Inner Earth and elsewhere. In this episode, we will see that certain points of entry or connection lead to this world, located in the depths of our planet. Several of these access points are hidden in mysterious mountains throughout the world, which are considered sacred. Learning about them is of paramount importance, as in the case of Mount Epomeus in Italy, Mount Shasta in the United States, and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, with its enormous vault equipped with technology that is thousands of years old. In the Himalayas, there is Kailash, considered the planet's spiritual summit, and in Spain, the mountain of Montserrat is worthy of note with its evocative stone guardians. These mountains, whose origins lie in the dawn of antiquity, continue to guard the energy and mystery buried deep in their interior.

On a related note, what can be said about enigmatic Ley Lines and their relationship with the magnetic fields of the Earth and man? And what about the magic islands that appear and disappear, or the mysteries of water and its healing powers, like the fountain of eternal youth? Vast mysteries also surround giants – whose countless vestiges can still be found throughout the world – and characterise the existence of other longevous beings. And who were the Shemsu Hor, mysterious giant beings and followers of Horus who inhabited the Earth in antediluvian eras?

Monday, 21 February 2022


 Is Bill Gates the most dangerous philanthropist in modern history? This vile personage whose past is rooted in Eugenics, has been at the centre of several scandals linked to his ties with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as to his marital infidelity. This billionaire entrepreneur is allegedly a philanthropist but his donations always support things that undermine life and family, including LGBT laws, abortion, birth control and divorce. For years, he has been obsessed with vaccinating developing nations, which is an excuse to control and depopulate the world. His efforts have caused irreversible harm to vulnerable populations in many countries. He is also accused of having conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies, which bring him millions in revenue.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Gates has tried to impose experimental gene therapy on the entire world, as well as attempting to roll out microchips for surveillance and control. Under the guise of alleged philanthropy, in the form of so-called humanitarian aid, he has bought several supranational organisations and forms part of their governance. His involvement focuses on sectors linked to health, media, food, GMOs and chemicals. Gates also finances vast media and culture-based networks. He has donated millions in funding to these areas, which has ultimately benefitted his own commercial investments, in addition to making recipient companies and agencies subordinate to his diktats. When will Bill Gates and his elite clique of technocratic globalists be arrested and put to trial for crimes against humanity?

Friday, 11 February 2022


 As we continue with episode three of our documentary series on the Hollow Earth and the Kingdom of Agharti – where many beings have sought refuge and currently reside – we would like to point out copious evidence demonstrating the existence of lost cities, forests and rivers. This land characterised by a mild climate and all kinds of animal species can be accessed via tunnels and subterranean caves throughout the world. These passageways run for untold kilometres and hidden treasures are found in many of the network's caverns.

The Hollow Earth reality sheds light on several enigmas that mainstream science is at a loss to explain, like the mysterious origins of icebergs, and the existence of Polar swells. It also clarifies why the climate becomes more temperate, the farther North you go, or why Aurora Borealis only occur at the Poles. The fact that the core of our planet hosts an inner Sun provides an explanation for these lights that is very easy to understand.

And what can be said of the ever-burning lamps found at different locations in antiquity? What kind of highly advanced energy did peoples of the past use that is unknown to us today? What is the reason behind its disappearance? Could this issue be related to zero-point toroidal energy that wonderful cultures, like Egypt and ancient India, utilised to construct their monuments, via advanced technology whose origins remain a mystery to date?

Furthermore, what mystery surrounds civilisations who disappeared suddenly, like the Mayans, Olmec, Nabataeans, Essenes, Tiahuanaco and Tuatha Dé Danann? Why did they vanish without a trace and where did they go? Could they be linked to intra-terrestrial beings and other magical creatures like fairies, pixies, elves and other kinds of fairy races?

Monday, 7 February 2022


 Who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, who has held humanity's fate in his hands, throughout the Covid crisis?

His track record has recently come to light and it is striking to find that Tedros Adhanom’s political career began at the politburo of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF, a terrorist organisation currently in power in Ethiopia. It has committed countless crimes against the people – including kidnappings, bombings and armed robberies – and Amnesty International has been denouncing its political violence for decades.

In one incriminatory dossier, Tedros Adhanom is accused of having actively rolled out genocidal policy, as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health and he is known for having covered up several cholera outbreaks in his native country and Sudan. Besides having no medical degree, Tedros Adhanom, presided over and participated in, the largest-ever financial corruption scandal, for the misuse of global funds in Ethiopia.

Tedros's programme is closely aligned with the priorities of the Global Health Security Agenda, promoted by the WHO's main funders and influencers, namely, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

Furthermore, as a CCP puppet, he sold out the whole world, in the name of protecting China, causing countless deaths and mass injuries, via the murderous Covid vaccine. Accused of being 'a mass murderer', 'corrupt' and 'responsible for crimes against humanity', he is facing lawsuits before the International Criminal Court.

Tuesday, 1 February 2022


 In Part Two, we will continue our discussion on this interesting but little-known topic, namely the Hollow Earth. Copious evidence exists in books and explorers' reports, or in the chronicles of travellers, writers, archaeologists and researchers who confirm the existence of a network of subterranean tunnels, beneath the Earth's surface, where the land of Agarthi lies, along with its capital, Shamballah. These are places filled with light where extraordinary, high-vibration beings reside. It is the reign of the King of the World, known as Melchizedek.

By the same token, the myths and traditions of many ancient cultures recount the existence of treasure-filled caves and subterraneous tunnels leading to beautiful cities and kingdoms of Light, like the legend of El Dorado, a city brimming with gold and vast riches, or Mount Potosí, with its precious minerals and so on. Many other stories confirm that the Earth is hollow and inhabited by 'big people', or giants. On other occasions, they refer to peaceful beings who descend from the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. Alternatively, a regressive reptiloid race also lives underground, as do others who hide in the shadows exercising their power and influence on the surface world.

However, it should be noted that many intra-terrestrial beings are working with evolved extra-terrestrials of great wisdom, as they try to help and cooperate with the Earth's surface population, warning them of the dangers threatening our beautiful planet Earth.

Friday, 21 January 2022


 Evidence suggests that a subterranean world exists inside our planet and that evolved beings reside in the depths of the Earth. Who are these strange beings? How did they come to live inside the Earth? Where are the access points leading to their underground cities?

Many explorers have searched for these entrances and some have managed to reach the hollow earth, as in the case of American Rear Admiral, Richard E. Byrd, a highly respected polar explorer of considerable fame, who was contacted by intra-terrestrial beings, during one of his expeditions to the North Pole.

In his diary, Byrd recounts that the Earth's interior hosts lakes and rivers and is thriving with vegetation and animal life. In fact, its temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. He also describes how his airplane was greeted and escorted by flying saucers, which conveyed him before the rulers of this subterranean world. They would give him a message for the whole of humanity. Later, he would report his discovery, during a Pentagon Staff meeting, but was ordered to keep quiet about that wonderful Land beyond the Pole.

Friday, 14 January 2022


 According to the hollow-Earth theory, the planet's interior can be accessed through the North and South poles, and hidden civilisations live and thrive in its depths. This idea has been part of the belief system of many peoples throughout the world, for time immemorial.

A large number of expeditions have journeyed to the North and South poles over the course of history, including that of US Rear Admiral Richard Byrd and other intrepid explorers. They have encountered extraordinary landscapes and discovered polar oases with quasi subtropical temperatures. They have found warm rivers and crossed extensive forests, witnessing an untold number of natural phenomena. All of them have spoken of the Hollow Earth. Operation Highjump is particularly worthy of note and it allegedly involved an expedition to Antarctica for scientific purposes. Yet, what was the real reason behind this covert operation?

Eminent astronomers and mathematicians have advocated the hollow-Earth theory, including scientists like Euler or Edmund Halley, in addition to the many writers and researchers who have cited or discussed this subterranean world. Similarly, ufologists like Ray Palmer, among others, had been long convinced that the Earth is hollow and that UFOs emerge from, and return to a civilisation comprised of superior beings who remain unseen in its unexplored interior.

What are the Poles hiding? And what should we make of the massive hole observed in photographs of the arctic regions? Furthermore, what can be said about the mysterious disappearance of entire villages in these polar areas? Does the region host a subterranean realm inhabited by unfamiliar life forms, known as the Kingdom of Agharti, and how can it be accessed?

Tuesday, 4 January 2022


 Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has engaged in unethical scientific activities, throughout his career, including the unnecessary mistreatment of animals and cruel experiments involving human beings. He has also been accused of genocide for his involvement in the AIDS scam. It was he who funded the Wuhan laboratory in China, where the infamous virus originated, and his leaked emails suggest that everything had been planned. Indeed, his work focused on improving viruses’ ability to affect humans, so that they could be used as bioweapons, to create a ‘plandemic’.

He has lied to citizens and used his control of billions of dollars to manipulate scientific research, in order to promote his own interests and those of his Big Pharma partners, via a harmful experimental vaccine that operates to the detriment of citizens’ values, health and freedoms. This is not all, however. He has also created a new Covid-based religion: Fauci-ism. Dr Fauci’s Covid-19 response is destroying democracy, whilst elevating the power of a tyrannical medical technocracy.


 US senators, governors, members of Congress, judges and attorneys are fighting against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates and government tyranny, setting an example for other countries in Europe and the world.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, among others, have warned they are willing to shut down the government over President Joe Biden’s vaccine rules. Senators Rand Paul, Mike Braun, Ron Johnson and more have taken a similar stance.

Governor Ron DeSantis also opposes vaccination mandates and has flatly declared Biden’s attempts to require vaccination unconstitutional. The same is true of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Congressman Clay Higgins and many others.

Moreover, at least 27 courts have filed challenges in a move to block the mandate, and 24 Republican state attorneys general have vowed to take legal action against the US federal government, if the administration does not change course on its vaccine mandate. Through their efforts, they are achieving notable results which set an example for many countries in Europe and the world, when it comes to stopping tyrannical governments and their toxic vaccines.

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