Tuesday, 1 February 2022


 In Part Two, we will continue our discussion on this interesting but little-known topic, namely the Hollow Earth. Copious evidence exists in books and explorers' reports, or in the chronicles of travellers, writers, archaeologists and researchers who confirm the existence of a network of subterranean tunnels, beneath the Earth's surface, where the land of Agarthi lies, along with its capital, Shamballah. These are places filled with light where extraordinary, high-vibration beings reside. It is the reign of the King of the World, known as Melchizedek.

By the same token, the myths and traditions of many ancient cultures recount the existence of treasure-filled caves and subterraneous tunnels leading to beautiful cities and kingdoms of Light, like the legend of El Dorado, a city brimming with gold and vast riches, or Mount Potosí, with its precious minerals and so on. Many other stories confirm that the Earth is hollow and inhabited by 'big people', or giants. On other occasions, they refer to peaceful beings who descend from the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. Alternatively, a regressive reptiloid race also lives underground, as do others who hide in the shadows exercising their power and influence on the surface world.

However, it should be noted that many intra-terrestrial beings are working with evolved extra-terrestrials of great wisdom, as they try to help and cooperate with the Earth's surface population, warning them of the dangers threatening our beautiful planet Earth.

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