Saturday, 5 March 2022


 Many governments have announced they are lifting most of the measures in place to counter the fake pandemic, and other countries are following suit, by gradually relaxing mandates, to the point that they will no longer require vaccine certificates, quarantine and so on. We cannot place our trust in these trends, however. Although it may look like the battle has been won, the war between good and evil has not yet been decided, and the dark powers continue orchestrating their agenda, from the shadows, to the detriment of humanity.

The fact that the Covid farce is now coming to light could explain why a significant number of avowed pro-vaccine personalities in the media and other sectors are starting to backpedal. Nevertheless, they will have to assume their responsibility for this genocide committed via experimental vaccines which are triggering increasingly serious side effects and a growing number of deaths all over the world.

Despite it all, other government are upholding, and even tightening measures designed to oppress the population, as in the case of Italy and France, and the same is true of Canada where Trudeau, a dictatorial totalitarian continues to tyrannise Freedom Convoy demonstrators, via anti-constitutional measures. These protesters are fighting for their right to freedom of choice, and despite Trudeau's efforts, they are garnering the support of citizens worldwide. In short, we cannot confide, since the elite's quest is to keep us enslaved via a variety of control systems, including vaccines, biometrics and other digital mechanisms. Therefore, we have to continue staging protests and making our message ring loud and clear: we will not yield until the genocidal forces of darkness disappear from the face of the Earth.

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