Monday, 23 May 2022


 On this occasion, we are going to explore the origins of our civilisation, i.e., the great cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. Yet, we will not only discuss the destruction that took place at the end of the civilisation, during its era of decline, which is what gave rise to the origins of our current Aryan race. Rather, our discussion will also take us further back in time, to its very origins, to the Golden Age, its era of maximum splendour, and back to ages of light and magnificence that are currently extinct.

A variety of different writers, researchers and scientists have compiled the traditions of these ancient peoples and, in so doing, have been able decode many of the vestiges associated with that powerful, highly evolved civilisation. Many suggest we are dealing with a culture of great astronomers and engineers. Although they used magic, they also had access to scientific and technological advancements with which we are unfamiliar today. They were capable of managing atomic energy, as well as other kinds, including solar, and their cities were lit using zero-point infinite energy.

They built ships they could use to travel by land, sea and sky, embarked on space journeys, and were in contact with other humanities and stellar beings.

Their huge metropolises were spread out in various parts of the world, and wise beings knew how to govern this powerful civilisation, whose underwater remains give us an indication of the size and grandeur of their buildings, avenues, temples, palaces and pyramids. And what can be said of their mirrors and how they were used? And what about orichalcum? What was its function and how did they get it? A number of mysteries have come to the fore for us, and we will try to resolve them.

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