Saturday, 23 July 2022


 Magic brings us happiness and relaxation in these difficult times fraught with the anxieties and uncertainties we are experiencing. It carves out a space for us, in which we can rediscover beauty and imagination. It also enables us to go back to being like children, and to express simplicity and joy. Throughout history, from classic Greece, to the faraway Orient, Egypt and ancient Persia, there are recorded stories featuring divination, metamorphosis, talking animals, walking statues and talisman that cured illnesses.

Furthermore, ‘siddhi’ – the miraculous powers of the yogis – include various skills such as touching an object at a distance or dominating the elements. Another feat involved the so-called ‘Miracle rope’ trick whereby the magician’s apprentice would climb up a rope, until he vanished. Also worthy of note are the great stories of Princess Scheherazade in ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ which transport us, once again, to an age of innocence and wonder that is well worth recovering. We are referring to the world of genies, magic lamps, flying carpets, courageous princesses, horses that soar the skies and heroes... which are part of our childhood memories. It is a world of wonder and mystery where the impossible becomes reality.

Later, in our own time, we have illusionists like Harry Houdini, the great magician and escapists who amazed the world, and David Copperfield, among others, or the wonderful Cirque du Soleil, which have kept the spirit of this magic alive, and thanks to this reality, we are assured that any goal can be reached and certain that magic is inherent in all things.

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