Sunday, 23 October 2022


 Ursula von der Leyen is the first woman to occupy the presidency of the European Commission, a post she has held since December 1, 2019. She studied at the London School of Economics, created by the Fabian Society, a very elite eugenicist circle whose philosophy underpins the dominant financial powers that are striving to roll out a one world government and subjugate the people into being submissive and controlled via microchips, mere servants of the hierarchy of wealthy, powerful individuals set to govern the world. The ‘New World Order’ is a concept they coined.

Her current role was imposed upon the citizens of Europe, in the sense that no one voted her into office. In fact, she did not appear on any party’s ballot list, and she is currently being accused of corruption, in so far as her management of Covid-19 policies are concerned. She supports mandatory vaccination, the ‘green pass’ health passport and mass lockdowns, all of which have curtailed the rights of European citizens. It should also be noted that she advocates the unnecessary and harmful vaccination of innocent children.

Von der Leyen also supports Ukraine in the war against Russia and has played a role in the exorbitant upsurge in energy prices and growing inflation, not to mention the consequent loss of jobs that Europe is experiencing, as it stands on the brink of entering an economic recession destined to cause the collapse of the European economy. Von der Leyen’s secret conversations with multinational pharmaceutical companies have caused her to be put under close scrutiny, triggering the opening of an investigation by the EU Attorney General.

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