Friday, 11 February 2022


 As we continue with episode three of our documentary series on the Hollow Earth and the Kingdom of Agharti – where many beings have sought refuge and currently reside – we would like to point out copious evidence demonstrating the existence of lost cities, forests and rivers. This land characterised by a mild climate and all kinds of animal species can be accessed via tunnels and subterranean caves throughout the world. These passageways run for untold kilometres and hidden treasures are found in many of the network's caverns.

The Hollow Earth reality sheds light on several enigmas that mainstream science is at a loss to explain, like the mysterious origins of icebergs, and the existence of Polar swells. It also clarifies why the climate becomes more temperate, the farther North you go, or why Aurora Borealis only occur at the Poles. The fact that the core of our planet hosts an inner Sun provides an explanation for these lights that is very easy to understand.

And what can be said of the ever-burning lamps found at different locations in antiquity? What kind of highly advanced energy did peoples of the past use that is unknown to us today? What is the reason behind its disappearance? Could this issue be related to zero-point toroidal energy that wonderful cultures, like Egypt and ancient India, utilised to construct their monuments, via advanced technology whose origins remain a mystery to date?

Furthermore, what mystery surrounds civilisations who disappeared suddenly, like the Mayans, Olmec, Nabataeans, Essenes, Tiahuanaco and Tuatha Dé Danann? Why did they vanish without a trace and where did they go? Could they be linked to intra-terrestrial beings and other magical creatures like fairies, pixies, elves and other kinds of fairy races?

Monday, 7 February 2022


 Who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, who has held humanity's fate in his hands, throughout the Covid crisis?

His track record has recently come to light and it is striking to find that Tedros Adhanom’s political career began at the politburo of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF, a terrorist organisation currently in power in Ethiopia. It has committed countless crimes against the people – including kidnappings, bombings and armed robberies – and Amnesty International has been denouncing its political violence for decades.

In one incriminatory dossier, Tedros Adhanom is accused of having actively rolled out genocidal policy, as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health and he is known for having covered up several cholera outbreaks in his native country and Sudan. Besides having no medical degree, Tedros Adhanom, presided over and participated in, the largest-ever financial corruption scandal, for the misuse of global funds in Ethiopia.

Tedros's programme is closely aligned with the priorities of the Global Health Security Agenda, promoted by the WHO's main funders and influencers, namely, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

Furthermore, as a CCP puppet, he sold out the whole world, in the name of protecting China, causing countless deaths and mass injuries, via the murderous Covid vaccine. Accused of being 'a mass murderer', 'corrupt' and 'responsible for crimes against humanity', he is facing lawsuits before the International Criminal Court.

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