Saturday, 26 February 2022


 As we continue our series on the hollow Earth and the Kingdom of Agharti, Part 4 provides us with evidence confirming the reality of this subterraneous world inhabited by evolved beings from Inner Earth and elsewhere. In this episode, we will see that certain points of entry or connection lead to this world, located in the depths of our planet. Several of these access points are hidden in mysterious mountains throughout the world, which are considered sacred. Learning about them is of paramount importance, as in the case of Mount Epomeus in Italy, Mount Shasta in the United States, and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, with its enormous vault equipped with technology that is thousands of years old. In the Himalayas, there is Kailash, considered the planet's spiritual summit, and in Spain, the mountain of Montserrat is worthy of note with its evocative stone guardians. These mountains, whose origins lie in the dawn of antiquity, continue to guard the energy and mystery buried deep in their interior.

On a related note, what can be said about enigmatic Ley Lines and their relationship with the magnetic fields of the Earth and man? And what about the magic islands that appear and disappear, or the mysteries of water and its healing powers, like the fountain of eternal youth? Vast mysteries also surround giants – whose countless vestiges can still be found throughout the world – and characterise the existence of other longevous beings. And who were the Shemsu Hor, mysterious giant beings and followers of Horus who inhabited the Earth in antediluvian eras?

Monday, 21 February 2022


 Is Bill Gates the most dangerous philanthropist in modern history? This vile personage whose past is rooted in Eugenics, has been at the centre of several scandals linked to his ties with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as to his marital infidelity. This billionaire entrepreneur is allegedly a philanthropist but his donations always support things that undermine life and family, including LGBT laws, abortion, birth control and divorce. For years, he has been obsessed with vaccinating developing nations, which is an excuse to control and depopulate the world. His efforts have caused irreversible harm to vulnerable populations in many countries. He is also accused of having conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies, which bring him millions in revenue.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Gates has tried to impose experimental gene therapy on the entire world, as well as attempting to roll out microchips for surveillance and control. Under the guise of alleged philanthropy, in the form of so-called humanitarian aid, he has bought several supranational organisations and forms part of their governance. His involvement focuses on sectors linked to health, media, food, GMOs and chemicals. Gates also finances vast media and culture-based networks. He has donated millions in funding to these areas, which has ultimately benefitted his own commercial investments, in addition to making recipient companies and agencies subordinate to his diktats. When will Bill Gates and his elite clique of technocratic globalists be arrested and put to trial for crimes against humanity?

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