Monday, 5 September 2022


 For generations, human beings have known of continents and civilisations that have been lost. We are referring, not only to Atlantis, but to other legendary lands as well, that have been lost in the depths of the sea or transformed into unrecognisable deserts, like Hyperborea and Lemuria, or the continent Mu, which disappeared for a cosmic cause that has not yet been revealed. In fact, this is something that could happen to us as well, in the present day.

Traditions, myths and histories that refer to these ancient civilisations are everywhere, and experts have discovered that secret military bases often occupy places where the physical ruins or vestiges of these civilisations are found, as in the case of Pine Gap, in Australia. On a related note, researchers have revealed information about the secret space programme forming part of a governmental conspiracy, which has hidden space exploration and advanced technology for years. This has enabled voyages to the Moon and Mars, where colonies already exist, in addition to fostering an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and in these secret bases all over the world.

On a related note, what can be said about the fake Apollo 11 moon landing? Why have they covered up this hoax involving travel to the Moon? Furthermore, what can we say about the existence of two moons orbiting Earth? Why has all information surrounding these issues been silenced, and what about the prophecies left to us in the past by beings like the King of the World, Melchizedek, and Hermes Trismegistus, which are relevant and applicable to humankind in the current era? All of these mysteries are worth revealing and it is invaluable for us to be able to learn about them.

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