Monday, 28 November 2022


 Throughout history, a number of families have been considered ‘cursed’ since their members experience misfortunes that do not solely affect them as individuals, rather, they are passed down from parents to children, across generations. Among these famous dynasties, the Kennedy family is one of the most widely documented family-curse cases, and its counterparts include the Onassis clan, the Grimaldi family, and the House of Habsburg, comprising rulers who forged the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Indeed, they have all suffered accidents, grappled with illness and faced premature deaths and different kinds of adverse events and suffering over the course of many years. Other well-known examples include the Bourbon and Romanov families, the Rothschild dynasty, and the Shah of Persia.

The Thyssen and Savoy families are also worthy of note in this context, whilst the case of Queen Victoria I of England remains particularly relevant. She left a legacy of haemophilia in several of Europe’s monarchies, causing premature deaths, and suffering in the majority of her male descendants. This reality invites us to reflect on the fact that there must be a reason why events occur the way they do, causing us to wonder about how one’s misfortunes and troubles can be passed down, from generation to generation, so that certain families become marked by adversity, as if a curse were cast upon them. The family sagas of the world’s most powerful dynasties play out in many sectors, including banking, politics and Big Pharma, or in the automobile, fashion and cinema industries, and even through the sale of alcohol. In short, these families have amassed enormous wealth, only to fall prey to disastrous misfortune.

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