Saturday, 10 December 2022


 As a sequel to our first episode exploring the curses affecting various dynasties that have ruled the world, this new documentary identifies and explores the most powerful families of our time, which forged their wealth from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, following the industrialisation of certain countries, especially the United States. This episode features the Gettys, the Guinness family, the Hesse-Darmstadt clan, the Rothschilds, the Ford family, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefeller family, J.P. Morgan’s family and the Carnegies. It also discusses royal families like the Hesse-Darmstadts of the House of Hohenzollern, and the Dutch Royal family. These families or dynasties are famous and wealthy, but they are also unfortunate, and have never been able to enjoy their wealth thoroughly. Indeed, it has never afforded them peace or happiness, and many of them ended up in ruin, suffered tragedies or faced disgrace.

What did these families have in common besides their vast fortunes? Why were some of them known by the term ‘robber barons’? They illegally claimed ownership of the planet’s resources, using colonialism, slavery, and servility to their advantage, as they disposed of human lives, by murdering, deceiving, and destroying others, in order to exploit and control the world’s wealth – including oil, gold and diamonds. That was not all, however. They also created an international banking system – the Federal Reserve – to deprive working class people of their savings. Despite their wealth and power, they suffered countless personal tragedies, illnesses, deaths, kidnappings, accidents, suicides and failed relationships, which suggest that these families were under some sort of curse that they passed down for generations.

Monday, 5 December 2022


 In Part 3 of the Trilogy on magic and illusionism, we would like to emphasise that magic has been and will continue to be one of the most fascinating forms of entertainment, since people have always felt drawn to its secrets and to the positive impressions it conveys, which enable us to experience a bit of relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. These things are more necessary than ever before, due to the era of global uncertainty we are facing because of the fake pandemic and the subsequent harm they have caused us. Many people are losing the joy of living. They are also grappling with the side effects of a deadly experimental vaccine, which has triggered the death of millions of people who lent credence to the elite’s false official narratives.

For this reason, and coinciding with our 10th anniversary since the publication of Alcyon Pleiades video documentaries began, we are publishing a new documentary so that we can delight in the art of illusionism and magic. We can have fun and experience joy, thanks to a varied selection of magic acts and fantastic tricks, with the aim of sharing moments of gladness, amazement and happiness with our families.

That is not all, however. We will also learn about the history of magic since antiquity, with great magicians like Pinetti, De Kolta, Houdin and Fu-Manchú, among others, until we finally reach today’s incredible magicians, like Criss Angel, Shin Lim, Dynamo The Clairvoyants, David Copperfield and more, with their shows that amaze us and lead us to enjoy moments filled with surprises and astonishing illusions, in a truly magical adventure.

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