Saturday, 28 January 2023


 We live in one of the worst eras in history, since we are immersed in World War III, as many writers and scientists have already discussed, which involves every country on a global scale. However, this is not a physical war; rather, it is of a mental, emotional and spiritual nature, and what is at stake is the survival of the original human being.

This war is designed to nullify the individual and our freedom to think, feel and act, according to our conscience. In reality, we are dealing with a war aimed at taking over our psyche, to dominate our moral, ethical, and spiritual values, and our souls, above all else.

However, scientists, physicians, politicians and writers are alerting the public about the implacable darkness being promoted by the elite who rule over us, sounding the alarm about their killer vaccines, whose ultimate aim is to poison, injure and kill millions of innocent people. The-powers-that-be are trying to rob us of the most precious asset human beings possess, by altering our genetics, and imposing artificial intelligence and robotic transhumanism upon us, which does nothing but turn our body into an empty shell, without individual emotions or thoughts.

More incredible still, is the fact that representatives of major religions are actively participating, taking a stance in favour of this gene therapy, which modifies our original DNA, as many scientists are denouncing. Our souls, the ‘God gene’, our genetics – which connect us to a superior power – are all assets that human beings simply cannot lose.

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