Saturday, 25 February 2023


 The whole of humanity is currently experiencing a critical situation, and the events happening around us were prophesised in the past, as signs of the end times. We are living through a third Spiritual War, that is affecting us, silently, and on a global scale. It all began in January of 2020, with a huge lie engineered by the global elite, as a way of finalising their plan for worldwide genocide. They have used the corrupt media to achieve their aims and the media, in all its ignorance and arrogance, has twisted reality, according to the dictates of the globalist elite.

Synthetic foods, lab-grown meat, foods made with insects and other critters, and the use of vaccinated animals for consumption, represent a clear threat to human health. All of these food-based threats co-exist alongside the terrible effects we are continuing to see as a result of gene-therapy vaccines, which are already expired. Indeed, they have caused millions of deaths and terrible adverse effects, as in the case of airline pilots. The powers-that-be insist on administering these jabs to children, in order to destroy humanity’s future, which is yet another step in their genocidal agenda. Within this context, some countries continue to promote the vaccine through deception, and a number of actors are advocating in their favour. However, they are coming up against those who are fighting to overturn this genocide. Where are the rebels who have always come forth during history’s revolutions, those who tirelessly fought on the side of Light and Truth? We are in the throes of a Global Spiritual War, and there is no turning back. Let us fight until the end, like true warriors of Light!

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