Monday, 27 March 2023


 In the early days of the Cold War, at the end of the 1940s, the CIA launched a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intention of buying off major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA’s payroll, so that they would become spies and purveyors of propaganda designed to protect the agency’s vested interests.

Soros’s Open Society, the Tavistock Institute, think tanks, the UN, and the WHO stand out above the rest, as the project’s great manipulators, and they continue to press forward with their efforts in the present day.

Propaganda and information control continue to be used today, to control public opinion and generate a single mind-set, which is necessary, in order for the government in the shadows to fulfil its agenda. Many people believe that we have a free press, misguidedly prescribing to the idea that reporters are committed to serving the public. In reality, reporters are paid employees who serve the owners of the media outlets for which they work.

One fundamental feature of social control is linked to the strategy of distraction, whereby the public’s attention is diverted from important issues, through manipulation. This method is also called ‘problem-reaction-solution’. A major example of manipulation can be found in the Covid-19 scam, when the media terrorised the population by spreading lies about a non-existent Covid pandemic. In reality, their purpose was to mandate the gene-based vaccine filled with graphene and nanoparticles, in order to poison us, which has caused millions of deaths, as we are seeing amongst airline pilots.

Using these abusive but subtle methods – which are perfectly tailored to fit the task at hand – they alter how we think, feel and act. Hence, with each passing day, the masses are succumbing to the new World Order, and its many branches, to an ever greater degree.

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